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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day

Michael was off to work early this morning and I must have needed sleep—I didn’t wake up until 8am!!  And I woke to rain and cool temps.  Emmi and I did manage to make it to the dog park without getting too wet.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the motorhome—it needed it!  And, oh, playing ball with Emmi.  Seems Rollie and Gina decided yesterday while they were shopping—Emmi needed new balls—these balls really bounce and are soft enough she can have one in the motorhome without too much damage!

Tonight we enjoyed the traditional New Year’s dinner with Rollie, Gina and Rick.  Black eyed peas, cabbage, pork tenderloin, cornbread—another delicious meal.  We are eating way too well!

Yesterday I finished the little steering wheel topper project:

IMG_5752It looks very nice! 

 IMG_5747And while the bed runner for Rollie and Gina was made with the colors of their home bedroom in mind, it sure looks nice on their bed in the RV, too.

I am still debating New Year’s resolutions—I’ll let you know if I decide to come up with some this year!


  1. the table topper looks beautiful! have fun throwing those balls in the 'house'!

  2. OK, we'll be looking forward to reading when you decide on your 2013 resolution. Good news that Michael was feeling well enough to get back to work. The quilt work you do is stunning.

  3. We have that traditional New Year dinner also, but ours has mash potatoes instead of cabbage. Our friends here in Oregon had never had it so it was a treat for them.

  4. butterbean carpenterJanuary 2, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Howdy J&M,
    What BEAUTIFUL WORK you do!!! I'm sure Emmi appreciates her gifts from Uncle Rollie & Aunt Gina, NOW, if they'll just come over and PLAY with her, with them, so, you can get some more GORGEOUS quilting done!!
    We're so happy Mike has recovered from his Arkansas 'bug' and can now get to WORK, as we're sure he was missed!! Why do you 'HAVE' to make any New Years resolutions; just do what makes you HAPPY!!!
    Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!!!


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