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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Rainy Day

When the alarm clock sounded this morning the rain started drumming on the roof.  Off and on all day it rained and rained.  Emmi got short walks in between storms.  Our windshield stays foggy when it’s this damp.  Even our double pane windows fog sometimes—I guess when the humidity is 100% that happens!

Gina and I worked in the quilting trailer, Michael came home for lunch and we quilted a little more before heading to the quilt shop in Rockport.  Not much of a quilt shop—we were a little disappointed.  Gina was looking for some fabric to make another table runner—found one piece but nothing coordinating.  There’s always another quilt shop—actually there are two in Corpus Christi.Smile

We also made a stop at Lowe’s where I decided not to put up with poor customer service.  After two employees in so many words told me to take my business elsewhere, I decided to find a manager.  She found what I was looking for, it was there all the time, I apologized for my confusion about not knowing exactly what I was looking for but didn’t apologize for finding her employees’ behavior offensive.  She gave me the light bulbs at half off for my time and trouble, promising to deal with the problem employees. 

It’s a busy place here in the RV park—work continues on the new clubhouse every day which is located only two sites from us.  When the sun finally showed itself this afternoon late, it made for a beautiful sunset.

IMG_5796This is one of the original streets in the park—the palm trees are bigger and the same residents come back year after year.  Some rent their lots on a yearly basis.  IMG_5797This is the newer section where we are, small palm trees, grass is still trying to grow, most of the people here are new to the park this year.  Rollie’s big black truck blocks your view of the pink motorhome. 


  1. You need to go tothe other side and take a picture of the pink Motorhome

  2. Way to go girl. We definitely do not need to put up with poor customer service. I'm glad you went to the manager. Pink motorhome - mmmmm.

  3. I'm glad you were persistent at Lowes!!! Rainy days make me tired. Sounds like you two managed to stay awake though!!

  4. Lots of rain here, also. What you describe seems to be normal for most of the Lowe's I've visited. Occassionally I've run into an employee that really wants to help, but most just seem to have a "don't bother me" attitude. The usual answer to a question about something is "It should be over there somewhere"; pointing, and then walking away.

  5. I don't think a lot of the employees in these stores are paid enough to care a whit. That doesn't help us customers but it seems to be a fact of life in big-box stores.

  6. I hope that manager does what she said and takes care of her poor service employees.
    it has been raining like the dickens here in Waco also. Althought we did wake up to sunshine today.:)


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