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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rain, Wind and Cold

Rain, nasty wind, 43 degrees—am I back home in Montana and just don’t realize it???

I won’t even bore you with today’s RV searching disaster—I’m starting to sound like a broken record!!  Gina and I drove around all afternoon looking at apartments here in Aransas Pass, Ingleside, and Portland with no success.  Seems ground floor level apartments are scare as hens teeth as we say here in the south!  Now, as for me, I never wanted to live in a ground floor apartment—one for security reasons—too many entrances (windows) for a bad guy to enter and two—I really dislike the sound of people stomping around above my head.  But Mom has a hard time with stairs and needs a ground floor.  Tomorrow is another day. Smile

Did you hear our own blogland bird lady Judy has had her hip surgery and is recovering nicely with the help of her brother who she calls Nurse Ratchet.  Smile

I got up just as Michael was heading out the door at 5:30.  By 7:30 I had my spaghetti sauce made and a load of laundry in the dryer.  Emmi got up, we went for our brisk walk, came back and dumped the black water tank—I’m just getting so handy!!  Off to the quilting trailer, I got my friend Jane’s first quilt loaded—it’s so bright I may need sunglasses!  Maybe the bright colors will ward off this winter gloom we are experiencing!  Gina spent some time cutting out pieces for her newest project.  Our little trailer is small but so far we have found room to do anything we need to do—it is so great to have a space to spread out our quilting stuff!  I think I never did much sewing in the RV as I used the dining table and it was just too much trouble to move everything each time we needed a spot to eat. 

Rollie and Gina are joining us for dinner tonight—spaghetti, YUM!

The cold wind is continuing to make conditions miserable across the entire area, but especially along I-90 between Billings and Livingston in the Big Timber area. At least three semi-trailer trucks have been blown over along that area Tuesday morning. Gusts up to 60 mph will make travel difficult, producing areas of blowing and drifting snow.” 

The above quote was taken from the KTVQ Montana website—how would you like to be pulling one of those high profile 5th wheels in that kind of wind!!!!

IMG_5828The guys rehashing the day.

IMG_5833Wal Mart had really reasonably priced flowers the other day and I treated myself to these lilies—they were all closed buds until today.


  1. You are supposed to pull over in that kind of wind, but most people don't realize that. Motorhomes are the worse. A lot of them just keep swaying down the highway.
    Truckdriver Joe

  2. And I'm complaining that its Phreezing in Phoenix. I better count my blessings we don't have to shovel snow. But I do enjoy the Arizonian's fascination with icicles. They must have had 15-20 photos that viewers sent in to the TV station ~~ all of icicles.

  3. Hate that you're having such a hard time finding an apartment or rv. I would think the demand would be greater than the supply in the area due to all the temporary workers. You may have to expand your search to up around Houston or South toward the RGV to find a deal. Good luck...jc

  4. sounds like this 'house hunting' is a difficult process! Hope you find something for you Mom and Chuck soon!
    enjoy the 'balmy' weather! seems to be chilly everywhere these days!

  5. Love your blog, I am a quilter and we have now settled in off the road after 5-1/2 yrs. We have an immaculate 2009 Escalade to sell down here in TX, but don't know what your price range is. If interested, call Dan Sullivan at 715-497-0483.

  6. I think I'd enjoy some of that spaghetti. Nurse Ratchet isn't much of a cook. ;)

  7. Maybe you're looking at this the wrong way. Maybe you and Michael need to buy a huge new MH with multiple bedrooms to accommodate family and friends? I'm just trying to be helpful.

  8. Good luck with the apartment hunting. I sure am glad we aren't up in Montana. It's cold here in AZ but not like that. And today it's actually going to be kind of nice. Spaghetti sounds good. Haven't fixed that in a long time. But today is chilli for us.

  9. butterbean carpenterJanuary 17, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    Howdy Janna & Mike,
    Hope you find them something, soon; that's a looong commute from Little Rock to PA!!! I know a man's home is his castle, but Mike could ask his boss to have a seat and not make him stand up!!! With Gina ancestry her spaghetti should be absolutely scrumdiddlyisious!!!
    Hope the weather is nice for you for a while...

  10. butterbean carpenterJanuary 17, 2013 at 6:18 PM

    Howdy Janna,


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