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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goal Met

I did it, finished, complete—three quilts quilted in the two weeks Michael is working with two days to spare!  Oh, my—two whole days—what can I do—maybe do a little project for myself???  That worked well—telling the blog readers my goal—gave me an incentive to get those quilts done!

I finally heard from the vein clinic today and my insurance approved the fixing of my varicose veins.  It has been over three weeks since the office submitted the paperwork to the insurance company—must have some mighty slow readers at Atena!!!  SmileI am scheduled for the procedures in late March during one of Michael’s weeks off. 

Tonight we are enjoying the company of Pat and Carolyn—people we met when first staying at Lake Medina RV Resort near San Antonio several years ago.  Pat rides a motorcycle and was at our site introducing himself before we could even get our motorcycle unloaded.  The bike riding guys kept Michael busy and Carolyn taught me to quilt—she expects you to do it right and her favorite saying when she didn’t like the way you were doing something was, “can you live with it?”  That was always an indication you should really re-do whatever it was you were working on.  They used to winter here in the Rockport area and usually come down and spend a few days here to eat some seafood each winter. 

IMG_6100I sure hope I have as much get up and go as these two do when I am 80 years old!

We had a wonderful dinner—coke brined chicken on the grill, those smashed red potatoes and fresh green beans.  Pat and Carolyn provided a key lime pie!  Good eats!

Has anyone else been experiencing an overload of anonymous spam comments???  In the last two days I have probably deleted at least 25 anonymous spam type comments!  GRRRRR  Go away you idiots—find something productive to do!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful Day

Such a beautiful, warm day—Emmi and I took advantage of the nice warm morning heading to the beach for our walk.  Not very many people out, we drove right on the ferry on the way over and right on for the crossing back to the mainland.  Spring break is coming and we’ve been warned—the ferry crossing will no longer be so easy!  On the return crossing I saw dolphins so close to the ferry I could see their eyes!


Back home I joined Gina in the quilt studio where she learned to apply borders to her quilt and I got in a little quilting on Mary’s little “star” quilt.  Gina gets a gold star—when we measured her quilt for the borders—she was almost dead accurate with her measurements which means she did a great job of piecing! 

About 2pm Gina and I headed to Corpus to return the boots Monday’s power outage kept me from returning.  We visited Petsmart for dog food, JoAnn’s for miscellaneous things—there was a tour bus in the parking lot and a huge group of women shopping in JoAnn’s—they had come up from the valley for the day.

Back home to release Emmi from captivity—all our neighbors stand out and watch the show when we get home—Emmi’s excitement and her howling!

A great day in Texas.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hitch In The Plans

Well, the creek rose a little today.  Last night my husband walked into the motorhome with a very stiff neck, barely able to move his head—when my non-pill taking husband says he needs more than an aspirin, I know he is in pain.  We tried something for the pain, heat and massage and for a while it seemed better.  Right before we went to bed the pain was intense.  Michael was up and down all night long and about 4am made the decision not to go to work today. 

So, I had a hurting husband at home and didn’t get out to the quilt studio as early as I usually do.  But, I still managed to get that last bit of hand sewing done on the tool caddy and I finished the second one of Mary’s quilts.  YEA!!  I went to the post office and mailed two presents, walked Emmi a few times and visited with Gina.  As I type this she is sewing the last seam on her little lap quilt—now she gets to learn how to put the borders on a quilt. 

Michael has slept most of the afternoon and feels better.  It was a beautiful day after the wind storms of yesterday.  One of the nicer days we’ve had. 

Tonight I walked Emmi around one of the park loops—so very quiet out there and the moon is stunning!

Blue Lake2Blue Lake in Montana in August.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Holy Smokes

We are rocking and rolling and not to music I might add.  The wind has blown so hard it has been absolutely scary!  The quilting studio was really rocking, so much so if I didn’t hold onto the handles of the longarm when I stopped, the machine would take an involuntary stitch of two!  I knew the wind was coming and had rolled in our window awnings—I’m thankful we don’t have slides or slide awnings in this kind of gale!  How much does a motorhome weigh—this think is rocking so much I am getting sea sick—really!!

I finished one of the tool caddies with the exception of the hand stitching and almost finished the quilting on another quilt for Mary P.  As we say in the south, “if the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” I am going to make my goal of finishing three quilts in the two weeks Michael is working.  The next one for Mary is a very small wallhanging. 

This afternoon I drove over to Corpus to return the boots Michael ordered—some old story—no customer service/quality control.  One boot fits perfectly, the other boot is so big he can kick it off his foot!!!  A manager met me at the door of the store, they had no power and were unable to use their cash registers to process anything.  GRRRRR  That was a wasted drive but it couldn’t be helped.  The wind threw the car all over the road on the way over and back—WHEW!

We are dining with Gina and Rollie tonight—my contribution is cornbread. 

Here, later in the evening, the motorhome is still rocking and rolling—by 10pm the winds are to have died down some, let’s hope so!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Knights In Shining Armor

That’s what Rollie and Michael were to me this morning.  I got up at 5:30am when Michael left, drank my coffee, read some blogs and started some spaghetti sauce.  About the time I was going to get in the shower, the propane hot water heater ignited and my power surged and died—completely, no juice, nothing!  The electric element in our hot water heater is dead, the new one is ordered but in the mean time we are using propane.  We’ve been struggling with some strange electrical problem—the water heater ignites, power surges, microwave blinks, then everything goes back to normal.  This morning it didn’t go back to normal

I flipped breakers, unplugged things—nothing I did restored power.  About that time, Rollie drove up—I explained my dilemma  to him out the kitchen window asking him to send my husband home a little early—I could deal with no power for the day—the quilting studio had power! Smile Nope, Rollie called Michael and told him to come home—my knights in shining armor.  Power is back on but Michael has some things to troubleshoot when he has his week off!

Gina and I spent the day quilting and sewing.  I would sew for a while, frustration would set in and I would use the longarm for a while.  One of these days I’m going to write a quilting/bag/gadget pattern and write it so people get it!  Maybe pattern makers assume you know more than you do??? 

This afternoon late we were outside and noticed Rick had a new toy—a remote control helicopter.  Emmi was outside at the time—the thing scared her to death, she retreated to the motorhome.


Rollie and Gina joined us for dinner tonight—spaghetti with homemade bread.  Thomas, Ashley and Abigail stopped by for a few minutes—Abigail is a beautiful baby—her second birthday is approaching fast! 

Michael is on the downhill side now, last week of work coming up.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Day Of Quilting

Mom and GinaHere’s Mom and Gina, sewing away.  We have become very adapt at squeezing around each other.  The black rails in the lower portion of the photo are one end of the longarm.  The ironing board is set up to Mom’s right.  Today was the first day we had all three sewed in the quilting studio and I must say it worked well!

I have always fully floated my quilt tops on the longarm—I learned how when first purchasing the machine.  Lately I’ve had lots of trouble keeping the quilt tops square—they all start out square at the top then get wonky on me at the bottom.  I saw a video of someone partially floating a quilt top.  They attached the bottom of the quilt top to the canvas marked for quilt top and then just basted the upper edge of the quilt top to the backing and batting.  I’m trying this to see if it will help me keep things more square. 

Gina finished making all the blocks for her lap quilt and is now ready to put it together—exciting for her, this is the biggest project she has attempted so far.  Mom worked at making one of those tool caddies and I think I heard some muttering going on—must have because she gave up and made another trash bag/pin cushion.  She and Chuck are heading for Arkansas tomorrow for Chuck’s week off from work.

And that’s about it for our day here in Texas, I am baking some monkey bread for Michael to take to work tomorrow.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trip To Corpus, Haircut For Mom

Mom and I made rather a flying trip over to Corpus Christi today—JoAnn’s had zippers for the tool caddies and boning for the thread catchers.  Several other items jumped in our basket because I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon which arrived in my inbox this morning.  When rotary cutter blades are 40% off and then I have a coupon for an additional 20% off—that’s a bargain! 

A couple other quick stops, one at Baskin’s the western wear store to pick up Michael’s boots he ordered and then on to lunch at our regular place PF Chang’s. 

Back home I walked Emmi and played ball before Mom picked me up—I was going to the hairdresser’s with her to give some direction to the stylist and I think we have success--

IMG_6069I found a pixie cut in a magazine, showed it to the stylist and I think she did a really great job.  When we first walked in I thought, oh, no, this is gonna be another bad decision.  But, you know, the woman did a great job—I just may go back when my hair needs cutting—it was certainly a much calmer, quieter, not so strange place like the one I went to last—and way cheaper!!! 

Jan—I’m almost embarrassed to say what my steering wheel table consists of—it is half of one of those wooden dish draining racks!!! Smile  A couple years ago we bought one of the racks at a yard sale in AZ, Michael took it apart and used one half to stand his oil paintings for drying.  The other half was gathering dust.  I began bugging Michael to make me a table for the steering wheel as we were going to be parked in one spot for so long this time.  His time got away from him and at the last minute I noticed the dish rack, took it out to the motorhome and it worked!  We have it tied onto the steering wheel so it is secure.  Now, don’t you want one just like it?? Smile

Jeane on the longarmMary F. one of my quilting buddies had this photo of my friend Jeane on her FB page this morning—they took a longarm quilting class in Billings from the woman standing in the background.  Looks like Jeane has this business down pat!

For those of you asking about the little thread catcher/pin cushion pattern—if you will email me, I will be happy to share.  IMG_6057

A good day on the coast of Texas!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quilt Finish

Mary P’s first quilt is finished and off the frame!  I just might make that goal I set!  Mom worked on another little tool caddy project but hit a wall when zippers were required.  Gina and I ran over to Wal Mart but of course the Walton family did not have the color zippers we needed. 

In one corner of the trailer I had boxes stacked.  When I would need to find something it was always in the box on the bottom of the stack.  One of the boxes contains customer quilts.  Gina and I also visited Lowe’s while we were out and found an inexpensive wire shelving unit for that corner, assembled the shelves, unpacked those boxes and success—much easier to find stuff now.

IMG_6059Here’s Gina using her iPhone trying to find crib mattress sizes and stressing out about the colors for the next quilt project. Smile 

Emmi is doing so well about not leaving our RV lot.  I have scolded her for following her ball into the street, now if it rolls into the street or into the neighbor’s lot she stops and waits for me to go get the ball.  Yesterday I started working with her to learn sit and stay.  If this exercise involves the ball in some way Emmi performs perfectly.   She is really good about coming when called. 


After the summer season at home in Montana I will frequently cut back my geraniums, water the plants well and stick them in a cool, dark room.  Come spring I would bring the plants out of hibernation and have always had good luck with this practice.  I did this with four different geraniums this past fall.  When we got ready to come to Texas I uprooted each one, wrapped the dirt and roots in newspaper, replanting them when we arrived.  I have blossoms!!  And beautiful, healthy plants—imagine Jeane and Jill—geranium blossoms in February!


Very warm and muggy today. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Potential Ice Storm

Not here but in Arkansas and this time it isn’t mine and Michael’s fault.  It’s a joke in my family, every time we go home together such as we did at Christmas, Arkansas experiences an ice storm.  We left Arkansas on Christmas Day just ahead of the ice storm which knocked out there power for two or three days.  Well, we are in Texas with the air conditioner running—this afternoon my sister called Mom and said it was 34 degrees and pouring rain/sleet.  Ann said there were lots of power trucks in evidence too, just waiting!

Arkansas can get some mighty nasty ice storms—my family has lost power for days and days at a time.  One year at Christmas the Little Rock airport closed leaving Michael and I without a flight home for an extra two or three days.  And to top it off my dog, Reba, an Airedale had died while we were away and I just wanted to get home. 

Today I was a quilting maniac—I almost finished the quilt I loaded yesterday—yippee!!  Mom finished another of these little hanging trash bag/pin cushion doodads.  IMG_6057 That makes three—one for me, one for Mom and one for Gina.  Peggy provided us with the pattern—thanks Peggy!

And that’s about it for our day here in gloomy Texas.  Gina and I did take a walk around the park with the pooches this morning and I’ve played countless games of ball with Emmi. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Slow Going

My morning that is—just couldn’t get back to sleep after Michael was up, got up when he left and wasted a tremendous amount of time reading blogs, looking at Pinterest, etc.  Emmi must have felt sluggish too—she didn’t poke her cute little head out until after 8am!

At the dog park this morning Emmi found TWO boyfriends—two cute little fluff balls who thought Emmi was just pretty special—they played and played together.  Emmi is standoffish around most dogs but she was a regular little flirt with these two!

Off to the park—we walked two miles and played with the basketball.  I am sure the guys painting the surface of the tennis courts loved hearing Emmi bark at her ball! Smile

Back home I decided to do some maintenance on the longarm—should have left well enough alone although it really did need some loving care.  I stripped the screw which holds the needle in place—it is a common problem on these machines—there is even another hole on the other side of the needle bar for a new screw when you strip the old one!  I called the wonderful folks in service at APQS and Amy told me what kind of screw to buy.  Lowe’s had the right size, just a little long—it will do for now until my handy/dandy husband finds me a shorter one in his stash.  Cleaned, oiled, waxed the rails—all better now.  And, I loaded a quilt—an oriental themed one for my friend Mary P.

Today is Lonnie’s birthday—Happy Birthday Lonnie—sure hope it was a good one! 

IMG_6827Sure do miss those mountains!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Not A Very Blog Worthy Day

Other than the fact Ms. Gina survived her root canal with flying colors—she was seriously doubting her ability to survive when Rollie came to pick her up for the appointment!!  She loved the dentist, came home, had a little nap and was up fixing supper later in the afternoon.  Yea, Gina!!

I finished my little surprise quilt project this afternoon, tomorrow I will attach the binding, then load one of Mary P.’s quilts—I have 12 days to finish three quilts—think I can do it??  I’m really looking forward to working on one in particular of Mary’s quilts—we both bought the pattern and fabric while at quilt retreat—Mary completed her quilt at the next retreat—mine is still in the bag! 

Mom worked with me in the quilt studio today—she made two of these really cute little pincushion/trash bags to hang on the table next to your sewing machine.  Gina saw them and decided Mom could make one for her too.  Smile

Michael had a good day at work and Emmi had to spend way too much time home alone while I was quilting—that’s her opinion, not mine!  We did go out and take a walk along the bay early this morning and caught this sunbeam trying to peek out.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Off To Work

Michael started another session of work this morning, we had a good, restful week while he was off.  Emmi and I walked/ran around the park this morning then Mom and I headed to church in Rockport.  It will be interesting to see how much attendance drops off at church when all the snowbirds go north—right now both services are packed with people sitting in the vestibule on folding chairs!

I started quilting the little surprise quilt today and am about 1/3 of the way.  I am delighted with how it is turning out!

My friend Jane received her quilts—she and her husband Doug have a winter home in Maricopa, AZ and the quilts were for use in that house.  She loved them and was very pleased!!  That’s always a good thing, pleased customers!  Here are some photos of her quilts:


IMG_5992The back of the lonestar quilt.



IMG_5999IMG_6003IMG_6009-001And the back of this one.

I got a new book of quilting designs, Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters, and used some of the designs on Jane’s big block quilt—fun!

This afternoon I baked a cream cheese pound cake—just had the hankering for one—I will share with all the neighbors so we don’t end up eating too much of it!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Clampets Are Back In Town

Yep, we are looking like the Beverly Hillibillies again!  Rollie has talked about getting a golf cart since we got here and today he brought one home—one that needs a little work, a few batteries $$, and some tender loving care.


Michael, Emmi and I took a drive today and a walk along the bay—the ferry lines were so long yesterday, we didn’t want to attempt a weekend crossing.  We had lunch at Mickey’s on the bay—a wonderful spot for lunch on a beautiful sunny Saturday—the restaurant sits above one of the canals and looks out over the bay, there isn’t a bad seat in the house!  IMG_6039

Back home I worked on the little surprise quilt—Rollie arrived soon after with Ms. Gina—she has been in New Jersey doing nanny detail.  I’m not sure Ms. Gina was very impressed with her husband’s newest treasure—the golf cart! Smile The guys got to work and installed the six new batteries along with all new cables—it runs!! Smile


We are now relaxing, Michael starts another two weeks of work tomorrow—and I’ve got quilts to quilt! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Beach And Flying

Another beautiful morning had us heading for the beach again.  Lots of people had the same idea and the ferry crossing was busy today. IMG_6033

Yesterday the beach was totally clean of seaweed.  Today there was lots of seaweed along the shoreline—must have been a storm offshore in the last couple days??

IMG_6030Princess Emmi doesn’t like to get her feet wet—when the waves start coming in she heads the other way.  And I like this—our other schnauzer Jazz would chase the birds into the surf and I was always afraid the water would sweep her away. 

Back home Rollie rounded up Mike to go flying with the other Mike—one of Rollie’s counterparts and one of my Mike’s boss’ out at work.  Mike was moving the plane from Aransas Pass out to a hanger at the Rockport airport—my Mike and Thomas, Rollie’s son went along for the ride.  It was a beautiful day for flying and here are some photos:


IMG_2639That’s our RV park in the lower portion of the photo and smoke from a grass fire which got out of control this afternoon!IMG_2640The road out to Port Aransas.

IMG_2643Rockport, TX


The paragraph above was very confusing to write—which Mike was I talking about??  This same thing happened one day out at work—boss Mike was calling my Mike on the radio—Mike talking to Mike.  Rollie decided my Mike needed a nickname and was tossing around suggestions—his initials??—MC??  Rollie said he immediately thought of M. C. Hammer, the rap artist.  Of course my Mike didn’t have a clue who M. C. Hammer was but Rollie christened Michael, “Hammer.”  And it has stuck! 

I spent the afternoon puttering and sewing just a little.  My new steps work like a charm!

Here are another couple photos of Laci and John on their wedding day:


Thursday, February 14, 2013

A BIG Surprise

While we were out walking on the beach this morning my cellphone rang.  It was our granddaughter Laci telling us she got married yesterday!!!  Talk about surprised!  We wish she and John all the best.

Laci's wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day!  


A sunshiny morning had us heading for the beach after breakfast.  I found a tiny sand dollar, Emmi ran and ran, we walked and walked.  The perfect morning! IMG_6015 It was time for lunch when we got back—peanut butter and jelly for Michael, ham and cheese for me—big dinner planned!  Mike was then off to Lowe’s to purchase lumber for his project—new steps for the trailer.

IMG_6019Current step for getting into the quilting studio trailer—it’s a big step up into the trailer and hard for Mom.  So my handy/dandy husband built us new steps:

IMG_6020What a difference it makes getting into the trailer now!

Mom’s husband Chuck celebrates his birthday on Valentine’s Day—so tonight we had a birthday party!  Pork tenderloin on the grill, potatoes, grilled asparagus, pinto beans and Mom made him a chocolate pie!  A delicious meal!!  Rollie joined us, a perfect ending to our day.  Happy Birthday Chuck—we are glad you came into our family!

While Michael was building the steps I decided to get some sun—something I don’t do very often—just sit and enjoy the sunshine.  Rollie took notice and said he had to get a photo of me doing absolutely nothing! Smileme being lazy

Angel and Zoey found laps when everyone gathered for the party:


A great Valentine’s Day!