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Monday, January 21, 2013

One Busy Day and A Good Evening With Friends

Walked the three dog circus early this morning—I’ve become quite the entertainment for folks as I try to corral my three pooches on our walks.  Sometimes we walk in complete harmony, other times I have three leashes wrapped around my ankles with dogs going in all different directions.  Zoey and Angel came home with us and spent some time in Emmi’s house much to her dismay!

Just before 11am I headed for the ferry and Port Aransas to hopefully retrieve the trailer I purchased  for Mom.  Success—Sharon was waiting for me, we took another tour of the rig, exchanged cash along with the title and Sharon was on her way.  Keith (one of the workcampers here at our RV park) and Michael were right behind me with Keith’s truck.  We quickly hooked up and headed back to the ferry where two medical emergencies had backed up the lines to board—even with those issues, it still only took us about 20 minutes of waiting.


Back at The Palms, expert backer Keith had that trailer in the site before we could blink, we unloaded the wooden steps and off he went.  It was so kind of him to volunteer to go and get the trailer for us—we really appreciated it

IMG_5874The site is one of the nicest ones in the park—those two live oak trees will provide nice shade come summer.

Time to get ready for our guests.  Michael rarely if ever shops for groceries—he volunteered to make a Wal Mart run for me! Smile Matt, Gail and Freeway were coming to visit—we met these friends in Cedar Key last year, they were our neighbors for a month or so.  Gail had driven out to Rockport and picked up 3 pounds of great looking shrimp and I attempted my first shrimp boil with phone directions provided by Rollie.  Success—it turned out great Rollie—thanks for the use of your outdoor cooking equipment! 


And speaking of Gina and Rollie—I borrowed these photos from Facebook--GiGi Pops and the GirlsPops and the girlsAren’t those just the two prettiest babies!! 

It has been a great day—in fact, a fabulous day!


  1. Wow, you have been busy - walking dogs, picking up a new trailer, cooking dinner etc.

    The trailer really looks great and the spot is perfect.

    Cute babies alright!

  2. The trailer looks like a cozy little home in a perfect setting. When can I move in????? :) It's freezing here.

  3. This was clearly one busy day. Good work with retrieving the trailer and getting it set up.

    The twins are cute, cute, cute....and the grandparents seem to be in seventh heaven too. Very nice!

  4. nice looking trailer, all backed in waiting for it's owners! Your mom will be thrilled!
    The grandbabies are darn cute! double the fun!

  5. butterbean carpenterJanuary 22, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    That's a nice looking park, y'all are at and your mom should be thrilled with her 'new-to-her' abode!!! It will look good even in Arkansas on Dardenelle!!!
    You can tell the 'new' grandparents by the cracks at the corners of their mouths, from smiling!!! They looked just like that when the others were born!!! The babies are so cute; one brunette and one redhead!!!
    Hope y'all get some rest on Mike's week off!!!

  6. Looks like you are settling in their in Texas, moving the family down off the hill to surround you on the seashore. Sure miss a good feed of those Rockport Shrimp, we are relegated to eating frozen shrimp from Fry's over here at Dogpound South. It's a tough life, but someone has to do it. Nice to see pics of Nicole's babies also.

  7. Glad the move went smooth. Those babies are double the cuteness!!!


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