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Monday, December 31, 2012

Human Patient Is Better, Emmi Goes To The Vet

When I walked out into the living area this morning and said, “how does my husband feel this morning?” and heard, “good, really good!” it was music to my ears.  He slept better and although he still sounds really stuffy he is much better. 

Emmi on the other hand—well, we made a trip to a new vet today.  Yesterday she began shaking her head and scratching her right ear.  She was very touchy—didn’t want you touching that right ear.  There is a vet just out the gate of the RV resort but they were closed today and tomorrow.  I found the park manager on her golf cart this morning and as Clara has four dogs—I asked her for a recommendation.  She uses a group of country vets in the little community of Taft about 10 miles from here.  Reminded us of our vet clinic at home—friendly, unassuming little spot.  Emmi has an infection in her ear, we got two kinds of medicine and were on our way even before the actual time of our appointment and the price was good too!IMG_2599

We received the title for the Cadillac in the mail a couple days ago but the young couple from whom we purchased the car had neglected to sign the back of the title where the odometer statement is located.  Thus, I couldn’t send the title to Montana yet.  Luke and Selina live in a RV park near Alice, TX and as they had a very sick little boy, we drove over there to get their signatures—it’s about a hour from here. 

On the way back we came in through Ingleside which is where Michael works—the cranes out at the work site looked eerie in the foggy, damp weather today.


The previous two New Year Eve’s we’ve spent in Louisiana with Gina, Rollie, Dana and Rickie.  Tonight we enjoyed a wonderful evening and meal with Gina and Rollie—filets and shrimp on the grill, Pioneer Woman Crash Hot Potatoes, broccoli and fresh bread—yum, yum!!

For dessert we had two special cakes—you see, today would have been Gina and Rollie’s son Rollie’s 26th birthday.  photo We are glad we could spend this evening with Rollie and Gina and help in some small way on this day that has to be hard for the entire family. 

Michael and I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year.  We hope 2013 brings you happiness, prosperity and good health.  HAPPY NEW YEAR


  1. Poor Emmi. My Scooter gets ear infections. But the meds work really quickly. So glad Michael is feeling better and able to enjoy the dinner tonight. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy new year Janna and Mike and Emmi!!

  3. Glad to hear the 'sickies' are on the mend!! Wishing you the best in 2013

  4. Our Molly gets that same kind of infection on occasion and the meds she gets seems to fix it up quickly - hope the same for Emmi.

    Glad to hear Michael's feeling better - probably just in time to go back to work.

    Happy New Year to you all!

  5. As the immediate care giver, it's nice to read that Michael is improving and that Emmi has the right meds to heal too.

    All the very best this 2013

  6. butterbean carpenterJanuary 1, 2013 at 3:00 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    HAPPY AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO Y'ALL & EMMI!!!! From the looks of that fog I can see why Mike's Arkansas fever took hold of him, but am glad to hear he's about over it!!! Now, just don't you come down with something, okay!!! If so,
    Gina may have to drive your Caddy for you!! hee hee
    Since Gina & Rollie don't 'do' their blog much anymore, we'll send their NUEVO ANO greetings by way of the Montana Hotline!!!
    Y'all do know don't you, after 6 months in THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS, you are 'naturalized' citizens and can say y'all, ain't & cain't, jus' like us'uns!!!

  7. Hi Janna and Mike,
    How is the good doctor Neal? He was my cat's vet and he must have been a good one because Old Tiger is still going strong ten years later. A fine fellow and great staff.
    I remember the cranes well. I would go down and watch while they were working on off shore platforms.
    Take care and thanks for the great photos and memories.
    Don in Okla.


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