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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rain and Quilting

It was a very damp, messy day.  We haven’t gotten the inches of rain which were forecasted but we did get a little wet around here!  We’ve gone from 10% humidity in Montana to 100% humidity—nothing dries—dishcloths stay wet, wet shoes stay wet.  Hopefully the sun will come out again soon or else we might start growing some impressive mold!

Gina and I spent the afternoon in the quilting trailer—she working on a table runner and me working on Jeane’s quilt. 

As for a “good mustard”—the author of the recipe specifically stated, “don’t use Grey Poupon.”  I used a Boar’s Head mustard I found at the HEB in Rockport—I like the taste of it on sandwiches and that’s the important thing—do you like the taste. 

As for the Lemon Yogurt Cake—it was good, I liked it a lot—Gina and Rollie requested more icing and Michael requested chocolate.  So I won’t bore you with that recipe.

IMG_5782IMG_5788Emmi and I had a front row seat on the ferry ride back to the mainland yesterday. 


  1. Hi y'all
    As for the humidity, welcome to the Texas coast.
    It doesn't get any better.

  2. So glad you were productive. I'm so groggy and lazy on damp rainy days!!!

  3. I've never tasted Grey Poupon mustard - I prefer good old French's!!

  4. I'm a French mustard fan too. Jeanette likes Grey Poupon and other mustards though.


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