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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quilting Day At The Clubhouse

Gina and I gathered all our quilting stuff and headed down to the clubhouse this morning to sew with some of the other park women.  The clubhouse is reserved every Thursday from 9am-1pm for our sewing pleasure.  There were five of us today and another lady, Julia, came in to chat—she will join us next week.  I worked on a little Valentine project and helped Gina get back in the groove.  She made some placemats when at my house summer before last and they needed binding attached—Gina made great progress.

After quilting I came home, grabbed some lunch then Emmi and I went to Live Oak Park over in Ingleside to play basketball and do a little walking.  Tire out the dog!  Texas has fleas, Montana does not at least where we live—too cold.  When we travel to Arkansas and in Florida last year I used the liquid medications which are applied to a dog’s skin leaving an oily residue—YUK!  Gina and Rollie give their dogs a pill called Comfortis—so off to the vet we went to get some of these pills—success.  Emmi has never taken a pill—these are chewable—we will see how it goes.

A quick trip to Wal Mart for things such as milk and bread (when I go home to Montana I will have to get back in the grove of buying in quantity!!) and then home to make supper.  We had some of Rollie’s left over pork tenderloin, a baked potato for Michael and a baked sweet potato for me with salad and broccoli.  A good for us meal!

I need to get that camera out again and start taking photos—tonight I leave you with a Montana photo.

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  1. Mary Lou MontgomeryJanuary 3, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    I have a Yorkie and she has trouble with and usually refuses to take a pill at any time. I now just get a small amount of peanut butter on my finger, dab it onto the pill and open her mouth and slide my finger up on the roof of her mouth. By the time she has chewed up, swallowed the peanut butter, the pill is long gone. Works every time, she never the wiser. Lucky girl not having fleas in Montana. Indiana has them and a healthy supply of them too. We have ticks to worry about here though too.

  2. Happy New Years Janna and Mike..we use revolution on Tuck and Lill thankfully it doesn't seem to leave any residue...

  3. We use Revolution for our Tucker, too! works great and we have yet to have a problem with those pesky fleas!

  4. Oh I know what you mean about shopping habits. Out here, we just buy small sizes, and don't plan ahead, we can walk to Safeway!!! Back home the larder was FULL. It was 30 miles to the nearest grocery store, so planning ahead was a must!!! Enjoy the warmth...we are!!!

  5. Paulette usually pushes the pills into a piece of cheese and that's enough for Molly and Rylie to gobble it down. Paulette really looks forward to her Quilting Club day at the clubhouse each Wednesday.

  6. butterbean carpenterJanuary 4, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    Howdy Janna & Mike,
    My daughter has three dogs and recommends Heartguard Plus spot treatment; she says it works on EVERYTHING!!! IF we ever get back to the store we'll have to get some as CHarley has attracted a 'flea-circus'!!! Your Montana pic is what we woke up to on the RunningStar Ranch this morning, BUT NOW(12:30PM) IT'S NEARLY ALL GONE!!! WAAHHHH!!!! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL; and the cameras were all
    Hope all's well on the Texas coast!!! Have you seen George Strait, yet; he has a place down there!!!

  7. I'm sure the vet there asked but if you don't have your dog on heartworm meds, you probably should do that while in Texas. We use Trifexis, which is a chewable tab. The meds you got may be the exact same thing.


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