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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Day Off

We started our day slowly, Michael had the day off—drinking coffee, reading blogs, surfing the internet, walking Emmi, etc.  I took Emmi down to the local school and she chased the basketball for a while.

On his day off, Michael chose to make a Sam’s Club run—he hasn’t visited the local one yet.  We took our time browsing the aisles which is always a bad thing—more things end up in your cart than you intended.  We did pass up the bargain flat screen TV—we don’t really watch enough TV or movies to justify a bigger TV than what we have!  By the time we were finished we were starving and headed to Outback Steakhouse.  Gina and Rollie gave us a gift card for Christmas from there—Michael had his usual burger and I had some sort of french dip which was very good.

Back home we did a little examining of the back of our eyelids then I went and borrowed a movie from Gina and Rollie’s collection—Just Go With It—very entertaining and funny with a message.  We enjoyed some of Michael’s great popcorn—see my husband doesn’t cook much if at all but he makes the best popcorn—on the stove in a pot—a little light olive oil and popcorn.  A good for us snack that actually tastes good!

And that’s it for our day—rumor has it the sun may shine tomorrow—not sure we will know what that thing in the sky is when we see it???

Sunrise on the West Boulder MtnsLeaving you with another Montana photo.  I have GOT to get out and take some photos!


  1. We are due for one those kind of days....and we are quite looking forward to it.

    Popcorn? I love popcorn.

  2. The way Michael makes popcorn is the way I remember my Mom making it when we were kids. Thanks for the memories - her popcorn was really good too.

  3. Popcorn in a pan on the stove is the only way I make popcorn too. Of course, I have to add a little melted butter. ;)

  4. I can smell Mike's popcorn all the way from Texas. Love days like you had. Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  5. Have you all been down to the port entrance to watch the ships come and go? I have seen anything from a freighter, to a tanker, to a cruise barge, to a submarine. All interesting.
    They have a very nice viewing area on the south side of the channel under the bay bridge.
    They also have a very nice Texas State Aquarium and a museum on the north side of the port entrance.
    Don in Oklahoma.


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