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Friday, January 18, 2013

Girl’s Day Out

We left the rigs just around 9am this morning headed to Corpus Christi—Gina, Peggy and myself.  Poor Emmi stayed home alone.

OK, we left this early what do we do now—quilt shops don’t open until 10am, mall doesn’t open until 10am and we will be in Corpus by 9:30—JoAnn’s to the rescue!  And thank goodness for smart phones which tell us those facts!  We managed to kill some time in there—batting was 50% off so I picked up a few yards of Warm & Natural which I didn’t bring with me from Montana.

On to the mall—one stop at Soma’s then on to PF Changs for lunch.  I don’t particularly care for Chinese food—your normal buffet Chinese food but I love PF Changs.  I’ve even taken Michael to one in Tucson and he enjoyed his meal.  Gina had told me she and Rollie didn’t eat Chinese food but I convinced she and Peggy to give it a try—they were both pleasantly surprised!  Of course I was delighted!

Next stop—The Quilt Cottage—a delightful small quilt shop with lots and lots of eye candy as Paulette would say!  We managed to do a little damage there then we headed off to Heirloom Elegance, another small quilt shop.  Gina found fabrics to make a quilt for a granddaughter but not quite all the colors she needed—back to the Quilt Cottage we went where she was successful in completing her color choices.

It was a wonderful day, beautiful weather spent in the company of wonderful friends. 

Back home we released the poor Emmi girl, took all three dogs for walks and I made a quick run to Wal Mart for Gina and me—our milk didn’t taste so good this morning! 

At this moment, Rollie is home and boiling the shrimp the “shrimp lady” brought by.  She comes through the park selling fresh shrimp—don’t have the schedule straight yet but believe me I will! 

IMG_5837Sunset over our neighbor’s rigs.


  1. a productive day for you and Gina and you improved the Texas economy too!

  2. I don't quilt, but JoAnn's and PF Changs on the same day. That's an award winning day in my book.

  3. Paulette would have loved that kind of day - even the Chinese food.

  4. I love potatoes and that recipe looks easy and delicious. I just might have to make my mom cook those for me when she gets here :)

  5. Oops...the above comment was for yesterdays post....still figuring out how to do multiple things at once and this is what happens...


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