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Monday, January 28, 2013

Got Lots Done Again

This getting up early is good for my to do list!  Lots of phone calls done, went to the bank, took Mom to the post office, went to Wal Mart and helped her pick out a vacuum, did laundry, etc., etc.!!! 

I canceled our Millenicom aircard today—this cable internet is screaming fast—thanks Rick for the heads up.  We have always had very good service with our Millenicom—this isn’t the greatest Verizon service area, our phones are Straight Talk using Verizon towers and they work well here but the Millenicom was mediocre at best.  When we have the need to use an aircard again, we will use Millenicom—it’s the greatest bargain out there.

Occasionally I would read on the quilting forum about someone sewing their finger to a quilt with the longarm and would think, “how on earth did they do that.”  Well, today I almost found out!  I have this nice little bruise and scratch on the nail of my left middle finger.  I was cruising along today using my hand to smooth the fabric, looked away and the next thing I knew I was snatching my hand away and yelling!  Good thing I have good reflexes!!

Gina is on the mend, she was even out and about today and that’s a good thing!!  Smile They joined us for chicken fajitas tonight.

And Niki dear, I will try to take some photos of your Grandma soon!  I should have had someone take a photo of us yesterday when we were all dressed up going to church—your Grandma was styling! 

We received a wonderful gift in the mail today—a few days ago I received a Facebook message from our oldest granddaughter Katie telling me to be on the lookout for a “late Christmas present, or should we say Valentine’s present in the mail.”  It came today—she and Laci put together this fabulous album—we love it!!  Here is a shot of the cover and of one of the photos from inside:

IMG_5927Sweet little girls

IMG_5929Beautiful young women they have become—we are very proud of both of them and I am very thankful they think of me as their grandmother.

2013-01-28 12.54.14Michael took this photo with his phone today—he’s getting quite good with that smart phone Lonn!  This is the Olympus hull we watched come in through the ship channel on Saturday. 


  1. Darling little girls beautiful young ladies.

  2. Nice memory photo album. That will be cherished over and over!

    You have been busy and it seems all is working out well with your mom and her new digs on wheels.


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