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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Shopping Trip

I thought the guys were going to work on Rollie’s jeep today but the phone buzzed with a text message—Gina and Rollie wanted to go shopping—at the commissary in Corpus Christi.  It was mine and Michael’s first trip to a commissary and we certainly enjoyed ourselves!  Thanks guys for taking us!  By the time we were all shopped out in the commissary, it was past lunch time!  Many of our blogger friends talk about In and Out Burgers and Five Guys Burgers—Corpus has a Five Guys and off we went.  Great burgers and the fries were outstanding!

IMG_2620IMG_2621The view from the Naval Air Station base in Corpus Christi—in the top photo, if you squint, you can pick out the big cranes at the job site where Michael and Rollie work.  The base has a fantastic RV park!

After lunch we headed to Sam’s Club, the guys dropped Gina and me off then scooted over to Harbor Freight.  Our Costco store in Billings used to have great clothes and in the past couple years I’ve wondered who in the world was doing their buying.  The Sam’s Club store in Corpus has great clothes—I found capri pants—cute ones and some cute summer tops.  And back to the commissary, shopping for clothes with Gina is a hoot—we are in adjoining dressing rooms, she tries something on, says, “this doesn’t fit, here,” and over the top of the wall it sails to land on my head!  We had a bad case of the giggles!

Back home Gina was craving crab meat and rather than drive to Rockport for blue crabs, Rollie just went to Wal Mart and bought king crabs—after our big lunch it made the perfect supper. 

I had an anonymous comment last night and it was signed, “your friend.”  I had a sneaking suspicion who the culprit was just by the way it was written but deleted it anyway.  Sorry, Linda, I just knew it was you!  I sent Linda a text message today and found out the comment was indeed hers.  Linda and her husband Jim are good friends of ours, we met when we were doing Cowboy Action Shooting.  They live in Arizona now—Jim is THE only person Michael has ever allowed to call him Mikey.  If you are ever in need of fattening up—Linda’s is the place to go—that woman can cook!!  Jim and Michael used to ride motorcycles together. 

Once again, it was just a great day with friends.


  1. What a wonderful day. Nothing beats laughing and giggling with a good friend!!!Silly girls!!

  2. If you all are in the area in April, they have an excellent free air show with the Blue Angels at the CC Naval Air Station. They alternate between Corpus Christi and Kingsville with CC on the odd number years. Well worth the time to go see it.
    Don in Okla.

  3. butterbean carpenterJanuary 25, 2013 at 1:03 PM

    Howdy Giggles,
    Your squinter must be better than mine, 'cause all I can see is water & sky... I bet you are sure agonna miss Gina & Rollie when you HAVE TO go back to Montana... The Cajuns have to have their seafood DAILY!!! Sounds like a nice time was had by ALL!!!
    Hope y'all get to see the air show!!!



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