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Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Upside Down Day

I cut one of my quilt blocks wrong, Gina got up late, had to wait for washers in the laundromat, got all tangled up in her binding she was applying to her quilt, tripping—caused her to break a needle.  It was just an upside down day!!!  I broke one of my cardinal rules—I try never, ever to cut fabric when I am in a group situation—quilt retreat or sewing day at the clubhouse—too much conversation going on and not enough concentration.  Cut one of my blocks wrong—I think I have enough fabric to re-do this block, if not here, then at home.

After I got back to the motorhome and grabbed some lunch, Emmi and I went to the park to play basketball and walk.  It was a beautiful day here for a change—70 degrees and sunny. IMG_5801

Back home I did such mundane chores as changing the sheets and vacuuming.  Gina helped me with a treasure hunt—I knew I had brought a bin of various fabrics and a pattern I needed for making a baby quilt.  Couldn’t find it anywhere—no fabric and no pattern.  I had asked Michael a few days ago if it could possibly be in one of the storage bays—nope.  Well, I was out in the quilting trailer on my hands and knees going through my bins one more time when Gina comes to the door (she is so short she is almost at floor level when she is standing outside looking inSmile), points under the rolls of batting hanging from the longarm and says, “what’s that bin?”   Eureka!!!  All my extra fabric AND my baby quilt pattern.  Hurray!!! 

Dinner at Rollie and Gina’s tonight. Louisiana red beans and rice-delicious!!  We are so grateful for the opportunity Rollie gave Michael and for the friendship we share with both of them. 

There were a lot of text messages going back and forth this afternoon between Michael and me, Rollie and Gina.  Seems Rollie needs a shuttle driver—12 hours a day, 7 to 14 days straight, then an equal amount of days off 7 or 14.  The job is long term, probably at least a year.  The pay is good, better than most temporary jobs out there.   The job comes with benefits too!!  Anyone interested????  Rollie and Michael were thinking their wives would welcome such a job but changed their minds when they found out we weren’t willing to do the shuttle job plus cook, do laundry, baby sit the dogs, etc.!  Smile

I had to send Nat to the treasurer’s office in Big Timber today to pay for our license plates on the new to us Cadillac.  Seems their credit card processing machine is broken, they don’t know when it will be fixed and in the meantime our temporary tags will expire soon.  Nat to the rescue!!! 


  1. Janna,
    Mac might be interested in the job but doesn't have Rollie's phone number. Can you email it to me @

    Sounds like you are really enjoying it in south Texas.

    Gregg(Mac) & Lynette McHenry

  2. Yay, Gina to the rescue. The moon and stars must have been in the wrong positions yesterday. I had one of those ugly days too!!! Better today!! Except it is unseasonably cold. Tomorrow high of 58 and windy, and cold all next week. Oh well, its better than Wisconsin.

  3. butterbean carpenterJanuary 10, 2013 at 8:17 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    As an old bus driver I'd apply for the position just to meet Rollie, but the
    first description word would eliminate me!! I'd love it except I couldn't hold up to it; that's the trouble with getting 'old'!!! Like Nat I can do small errands still!! NOT!!
    I'm glad Gina is so short she can see under the long-arm and spot your 'lost' bins!! You just knew Mike left it in Montana!!
    Hope y'all don't eat tooo much red beans & rice; IT SWELLS UP, but it's sure goooood!!
    Sending lots of goood feelings and thoughts to the coast for you; and hugs!!

  4. There are days when potholes interrupt the smoothness in the road of life. You found the bin you needed and the sun broke out and the temps went up and Nat came to the rescue and, well, it's all good. I don't mean to pontificate....cause I know that you know this better than most.


  5. Had to crack up when I read that their credit card machine was broke an who knows when it'll be fixed. Welcome to small town America. Love it. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of good stuff and sunshine.

  6. If I was in the neighborhood, that job would have been right up my alley....

  7. I'd apply for that position if I was in Texas; AND, if I was looking for a job; AND, if I could drive a bus. BUT, since I'm in California; AND, even the thought of a job terrifies me; AND, I can't drive a bus, I guess I'll just have to pass up this opportunity!


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