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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Good Saturday

Rollie had air conditioner problems bright and early this morning, ordered a new motor and was able to get the system going in the meantime while he waits for the motor to get here.  Emmi and I stopped by to see Mom while on our walk this morning—she was busy cleaning all ready—Chuck had gone to get breakfast for them.

Michael wanted to walk on the beach so off to the ferry we went, driving to a different part of the beach than we normally do.  As we drove out we noticed all these people standing along the jetty.  As we got out of the car I noticed this “thing” out in the ocean and asked Michael, “what’s that out there??”

 Here it comesHe replied, “I think that’s a oil rig hull.”  And he was right—this hull is the Olympus headed to the Kiewit shipping yard to be outfitted with the modules such as the ones Michael is working on.  This particular rig will be located about 130 miles out in the Gulf, south of New Orleans.  I quickly called Mom and Chuck telling them how to get out to the shipping channel—they made it in time to see the big hulk go by.  The rig on which Michael is working will be twice the size of this one!!



What a pleasant, unexpected treat! 

Back home Michael re-worked the location of the new router and modem—he wasn’t getting a great signal and kept getting dropped this morning.  Tonight all is well—blazing fast internet!!

And let’s see—what did I do—took Mom the vacuum cleaner, walked Emmi, made a rhubarb crisp from rhubarb out of my yard, frozen this past summer, cut Michael’s hair, etc.  For dinner, we all gathered to eat hamburgers on the grill.  Our Gina is not liking the antibiotics she is taking for the tooth so spent much of the day inside resting.  I placed a call to the dentist but as it is the weekend, I didn’t really expect to hear from him. 

The guys go back to work tomorrow and I’ve got to get some quilting done!!! 


  1. It's amazing to see how they put the platform on the transport ship. They sink the ship several feet, then position the platform over it and pump the bilges out and refloat the ship.
    Thanks for the great photos.
    Don in Okla.

  2. Now you know why we spend time on the island in the park by the ferrys and by the jetty. You never know what you will see coming and going. This spring a big oil processing piece went out to Israel. Some of the people who worked on it stayed in the park. The transport ship for it was suppose to be the biggest in the world at 82 feet. Sorry we missed this one today.

    Judy Mc

  3. Those rigs are huge especially when you see parts of them on land. Sure hope Gina gets that tooth fixed soon.

  4. How we innovate and engineer ways and means to build and transport huge structures is always impressive. Nice photos. Human ingenuity is alive and well.

    We also hope that Gina can get some hurry service to cure the ailing tooth.


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