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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cold and Rainy

40 degrees and raining—hey, who turned off our heat??  I know, I know—come summer I will be wishing for some cool!

Got all the paperwork together and shipped off so we can get a Montana title for our Cadillac.  It is great to live in a small town, I called our treasurer’s office in Montana, spoke with someone I knew who told me what paperwork to download and complete.  When their office receives the paperwork, they will call me with a dollar amount and I will give them a credit card number—cool!

Gina and I decided to make a run to Corpus Christi today—if this cold weather is going to continue (and our forecast says it is) I needed some more long pants!  Gina and I had quite the discussion about leg length as we were in adjacent fitting rooms—she has really short legs and I have really long legs.  I can’t shop in regular places for jeans and ANY pair of jeans Gina tries on even if labeled “short” are too long and have to be altered.  We ended up in a western wear store called Baskins where jeans come in lengths for women just like they do for men.  Tried on probably 20 pairs and came out of the store with ONE pair! 

Michael arrived home about 5pm and we enjoyed some leftovers from our New Year’s Eve meal—steak and those Pioneer Woman crash hot potatoes—very good.

We are now sitting, listening to the rain on the roof, Emmi is asleep in Michael’s lap—life is good.


  1. I'm on of those people with short legs, and it's really a problem finding pants. :(

  2. Janna, as hard as may be to believe, it was up to 58 degrees here in sunny Red Bluff, CA. Although the nights have been cold - 24 degrees - the days have been great. Sure hope your temps return to the norm....and soon too.

  3. Hmmm.......I never try pants on in a store. I buy them as is and see if they fit when I get home - drive's Paulette nuts!

  4. We arrived in Lake Havasu AZ last Friday, and its been cool and windy ever since. Had to do a load of long sleeved clothes to have enough to last until the warmth arrives.

  5. It's been a while since I've had to try on trousers in the store. Maybe I've stopped growing? More like expanding...
    The last ones I received (for Christmas) fit just fine. Seems if the numbers don't change, the pants should fit. Never understood the complexities of the women's sizes. How can one size 14 be the same as another? Shouldn't there be a leg length in there somewhere? Just a mystery.

  6. Yep I can relate to pant lengths. I tried to find a pair at a western store here and finally asked the guy at the store if all the women in Arizona are really tall. I am going to try those potatoes for supper tonight. Thanks for posting the recipe.

    Take Care

  7. Sitting in the Orlando area in a quiet community driveway watching everyone go to work and playing with the grandkids when I fit in their schedule. (I've got the time to wait :)). I agree, it could be a whole lot worse.


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