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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who Turned Off The Heat

Yep, again, someone turned off the heat.  At least it isn’t as cold here as Montana or Arizona but that wind is not nice!

Gina and I went to church over in Rockport this morning and enjoyed it very much.  The minister, a woman, just has this vibrant, engaging way of speaking.  Throughout the entire service she uses no notes speaking entirely from her heart. 

Back home I began the RV search with the status quo results.  My definition and even Michael’s (who doesn’t see dirt) definition just doesn’t coincide with most other folks definitions of “clean” or “good condition” or “great shape.”  Why am I searching for a RV—well, remember Rollie’s driving job—Mom’s husband Chuck is coming down to take one of the positions and they need something to live in.  I looked at the outside of one 5th wheel today—will maybe look at the inside next weekend.  Then I drove to Portland—less than 10 miles—to look at a “wonderful rig, immaculate, great shape, one owner.”  You get the picture.  The carpet was trashed, the mini-blinds had food stuck to them, the stove was beyond filthy, the wall had a crack where the slide was.  Are these people blind???  I took about 5 seconds to look and say very abruptly, “I’m not interested.”  Got in my car with Emmi and drove back to Aransas Pass, GEEZZZ!!

A load of laundry (I love my on board washing machine), quilting bookkeeping and that was it for our day here in Texas. 

Michael got home about 6pm and sunset from our windows was beautiful—the photo didn’t do it justice.



  1. I am always amazed at what people say is excellent condition, we kissed alot of frogs before we found our prince! Good luck.

  2. It is indeed amazing what some people think is 'good condition'! Happy Hunting! At least you only had to drive 10 miles to view this one!

  3. I hope you find one, that is only a little dirty!! How wonderful is that to have your mom near you for a while!!! I hope everything works out for everybody!!

  4. False advertising? Some folks do push the truth and common sense. Wishing you luck with finding the right unit....and you will find the right one.

  5. The warm weather is supposed to return to Palm Springs beginning tomorrow, I'll see if I can push some of it towards Texas.


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