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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another One Of Those Busy Days

My dear husband has seven days off and what does he decide to do on one of those days off—wash all our vehicles including the gigantic motorhome!!!!

IMG_5916 So now we have a spiffy home and both cars are also clean.  While he was washing my car, Emmi and I took the jeep to the park to walk and play basketball.  When we got back Michael suggested I go clean Mom and Chuck’s carpet while he washed the motorhome.  Now, before you think he was about to be in trouble for suggesting I go clean carpet—this was all ready in the works. SmileClara, the manager here at the RV park had offered to loan me a small carpet cleaner and I took advantage of the offer. 

So, off I went—the trailer is now much cleaner than it was.  It still needs some more elbow grease but at least Mom and Chuck can spend the night without being disgusted!  The air conditioner is on and the carpet is drying.

Back home I cleaned the outside of the windshield, the driver’s side window and the window in our door so I could attach our custom fitted outside sunshades—chore done!

By then both of us were starting to feel a little tired to say the least.  Out came the lounge chairs and I made us coke floats.  Gina and Rollie rolled in about 5pm and I started dinner for the four of us.  I’m getting more tired just reading about all we did today—how about you???  It feels good to have those things crossed off our list!

IMG_5868From the ferry the other day—one big ship!


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  2. Say, if you guys have any of that energy stuff left over, could you send me some over here to Congress. I've been slowing down lately & need an energy fix:))

  3. All that work would definitely tire me out too. I'm sure your Mom will really appreciate nice clean carpets though.

  4. We had carpets in our 5th wheel and you are right, too much work. Much easier to have laminate or tile and throw some rugs down. They can be cleaned in the washer ;-)


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