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Thursday, January 17, 2013


At some point in time when dealing with transactions involving significant sums of money there has to be a certain level of “gut feeling” or “trust.”  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have unlimited talk minutes on my cell phone plan as many phone calls went back and forth between the trailer owner and myself as well as my Mom and myself.  We still have a deal but not without a lot of running around on the part of my Mother in AR as well as my losing it and telling the owner of the trailer what was NOT going to happen. 

Emmi and I went to the park early afternoon to play basketball and walk.  When we got home Gina and I took off to enjoy pedicures—helping to relieve some of the stress.  Back at the rigs, Gina kept refilling my margarita glass which also helped!  A lot!!

Pork chops on the grill and good ole southern crowder peas for dinner.  We also enjoyed Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes again.  Gina made a strawberry dump cake and we enjoyed that with some Blue Bell ice cream—YUM, YUM!!! 

Michael has only two days left to work of his 14 day shift and he is ready for a day off.  He took “climbing school” after work tonight—when I sent Rollie a text to ask him how long this school would last so I would know when to grill pork chops, I got this reply—“depends on how long it takes him to get to the top.”  Smile Well all righty then!!!  Come to find out, he wasn’t really climbing, only learning how to get himself hooked up into a “climbing harness.”  Here I was envisioning my husband climbing around on top of some tower Rollie!!! 

The “girls” are off on a girl’s day out tomorrow—can’t wait!


  1. It must be tough having Michael gone for such long periods, when your so used to having him around all the time. Glad the liquor is taking the edge off. (hehe)

  2. Well if anyone can make things happen the way you want them to it is you Janna. Good for you stick to your guns. Sounds like you and Gina are having a great time with your quilting. One day I am going to commission you to make me one of your beautiful quilts. I just have to win the Lottery to pay for it. lol

    Take Care

  3. This trailer sounds like a story I'd like to read about some day! Nothing like a great meal and a few margaritas to take the edge off.

  4. butterbean carpenterJanuary 18, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    Don't park your mom's trailer at Rockport; it's just like Barney's/OldFatMan!!

    That is a wonderful buy and you got a REALLY good, well built trailer; I'd like one like it!!!

    Hope your hangover is better!!


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