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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday At Home

Michael was home today—his first of seven days off and it was wonderful to have him here.  Instead of relaxing he changed the oil in the Cadillac and tweaked my quilting table.  He did spend some time resting his eyes Smile, sitting outside with me and helping me walk the pooches. 

Speaking of changing the oil—the strangest thing happened.  He went to Wal Mart, bought an oil filter and two containers of synthetic oil—a one quart container and a 5 quart container.   When he opened the cap of the 5 quart container, the seal was gone and he realized it was used oil!!!!  What a scam that could be!!  Moral of this story, check the seals of the containers of oil before buying!  Wal Mart exchanged the 5 quart container, no questions asked!

We enjoyed last night leftovers for lunch and Gina—that cake is still very good in case you were wondering! Smile 

After spending time sitting outside just chatting about life, jobs, etc. we came inside and watched the cutest little movie—We Bought A Zoo.  And we even had popcorn, too!  Butter on Michael’s, no butter for me.

Rollie and Gina left here this morning before the crack of dawn, caught their flight to Houston and were delayed in Houston over 7 hours due to fog!!!  They arrived in Colorado early evening, finally. 

It was one of those nice, quiet Sundays—very enjoyable.  Tomorrow we retrieve the RV I purchased for Mom and Chuck, I hope and bring it here to our RV park—Clara (the manager) found us a spot—a last minute cancellation, yea! 


  1. Isn't it just great when things work out!!

    That is some deal about the USED oil....How do you suppose that happened?

  2. I know Jim has never checked the oil he buys before he leaves the store. That is just weird. Nice that there was a cancellation.

  3. Go figure that some twit would change out the oil and return the container for a refund with used oil. Great character?

    To have a relaxing day is kind of nice, isn't it?

  4. That is pretty low to scam Walmart with the oil container. Hoping you don't have any problems getting the RV to the campsite. Can't wait to see what you do to it!!1


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