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Sunday, January 27, 2013

It’s Quiet Around Here

Michael was out the door early, early this morning on his way back to work.  I slept just a little while longer—I had a long list I wanted to accomplish today!  First off was coffee and blogs then exercising!  The princess Emmi slept for about another hour then I made her go for a walk. 

Mom and I drove over to Rockport and attended church—as always, it was delightful.  We hit the Rockport Wal Mart before coming home, eating lunch and walking the dog.

Then it was on to the quilting trailer for me—I really need to buckle down and get some quilts quilted!  Made good progress today on Jane’s bright and happy quilt.  I am listening to Ken Follett’s Fall Of The Giants—and enjoying it very much. 

Mom has the trailer cleaned and all her stuff unpacked and put away—their little home is looking good!

Big boat

Monday can’t get here soon enough for Ms. Gina—she isn’t feeling good!!!  Dang dentist who don’t return their phone calls on weekends!

OK—who of you out there in blogland other than Rick and John use a password program??  Or are you like me with a long list of passwords on various pieces of paper?? Michael just isn’t convinced it is the way to go, I am! 


  1. Hi Janna, Could you please tell me what password program you are considering. I'm looking into something like that too. Also, you said you exercised in the a.m. Weights or ? I thought your exercise was walking Princess Emmi. :o) Love all the pictures! I so enjoy your postings. Wow, it's cold in Livingston according to your Weatherbug.


    Love - your favorite niece

  3. Long list of passwords on a sheet of paper. Pain in the rumper!!

  4. We have a password system Janna. It is the only way to keep passwords in check and to prevent from forgetting them. I don't know if the word 'system' and 'program' have similar meanings or not. Our system works very well for us though.

  5. After discarding my 2 pages of passwords a few years ago and switching to the Last Pass password system signing on securely to all of my various websites has been a trouble free experience. It works great and I'd never go back to the old system - it's extremely secure and light years ahead of doing this manually.


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