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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Shop Hopping We Go

I was up even before Michael was out the door this morning—had to get ready to go Quilt Shop Hopping!!!  We had a car full this morning, Mom, Peggy, Gina and me—rolling out at 8:30 heading for Port Lavaca and the Beefore it’s a Quilt & Gifts store.  A perfectly delightful store!  We were amazed at the crowds in the stores—today was the first day of the shop hop and this store was packed with shopping women!


Bet you non-quilters are asking “what in the world is a shop hop?”  Quilt shops in surrounding areas use these shop hops as a means of getting more customers to visit their shops.  You are issued a passport and each quilt shop on the tour will stamp your passport.  For this shop hop you must visit every shop on the passport to be entered for the prize drawings—a Janome sewing machine, gift certificates to the various shops, etc.  There are six shops participating in this particular shop hop.  In Montana you do not have to visit every shop to be entered in the drawings. 

Each of the shops (except one) gave us a gift bag and were also giving away door prizes as we shopped.  We are sending Gina and Mom out to buy a lottery ticket—Gina won two door prizes, Mom won three!!  Peggy and I won a big fat zero!  The shops all had great food treats too, (except one)! 

After Port Lavaca we headed to Victoria to visit the Quilters Patch then on to Jason’s Deli for lunch.IMG_5944IMG_5945

Lots of talking and laughing going on!  We were hesitant to go all the way to El Campo but once we entered the shop there—we were thrilled we had made the effort.  What a cool shop!  All out welcome from the owner and staff—great goodie bags, beautiful fabrics—what more could a girl want???  IMG_5953IMG_5954There Ms. Niki—more Grandma photos!


Our last stop was in Rockport and that shop gets an upside down smiley face! Sad smileNo sense of welcome, none, zero—so guess what—we spent no money, none, zero there! 

We were four tired women pulling into the RV resort this afternoon around 5pm.  Rollie was kind enough to let Princess Emmi out around lunchtime today or I really would have been in trouble.  As it was she voiced her displeasure at being left home alone—loudly!

OK—now that you know what a shop hop is—let’s answer some questions—Angie wanted to know what password program I was considering—LastPass.  And yes, Angie, the majority of my exercise does consist of walking Princess Emmi but a few times a week I also try to do some type of stretching exercises such as yoga plus some sit-ups. 

I received a lot of good suggestions about classier names for the quilting trailer—thanks to all of you and I think Vera had the one I liked best—“the quilt studio.”  I call my un-finished basement room at home the quilting studio and I guess the trailer is my “mobile quilting studio.” 


  1. butterbean carpenterJanuary 30, 2013 at 7:31 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    Sounds like y'all had a big shopping hop; did you wear your mom out??
    Rockport is like that, they only know how to take in $$$ and don't GIVE anything away including smiles or Thank yous; Joyce's cousin lives there and says all of the businesses expect the 'snowbirds' to be ugly, so they are too, also!!! She hates the people down there but loves the beach and stays!!! Hope y'all found a lot of treasures and for sure have the 'lucky' ladies buy Lotto tickets!!! I thought you were short, if so, are Gina & Rollie 'little' people!!!

  2. Exhausting! Quilt shopping certainly suit you guys though. It was also a boost for the local economy.

  3. And even with such a busy day you found time to warn me of two spammers!! Thank you...

    I guess that means I have a gun studio,,,right?:-)

  4. Actually I cannot take credit for that name. Mary Lou Montgomery mentioned it in an earlier comment, I just thought it was great. :-)

  5. I stopped in the quilt shop in Rockport last winter and felt the same way. Strange, does not sound like typical quilters.

  6. sounds like it was a fun day for all the 'quilting shoppers'!

  7. Rockport has never been overly friendly to me, but they do have some unique patterns and fabrics. Port Lavaca always seems to have the best treats, but El Campo, without a doubt is THE friendliest. They also have lots of beautiful fabrics, and it's all arranged so nicely & organized well. Quilter's Patch is just a hop & skip down the road, but I've never found them to be exceedingly friendly either, so I don't go there as often as I could (even tho they were one of the factors in our decision to settle in Victoria).

    If you haven't totally settled on a name, how about Stitchin' Studio or Stitchin' Post?

  8. Had the most wonderful day! Just want everyone to know what a great driver we had on our shop hoppin'. As we settled into our seats, there was a bottle of water, a container of almonds and a container of apple slices waiting for us!! Now tell me, isn't that the nicest car hostess you've ever seen?? Quilting isn't just about sewing, it's the socializing with other quilters and the good times you can have in the process!!

  9. Sounds like you all had a great day and covered several miles!! While in El Campo did you swing by Prazeks Sausage House on 59?
    Enjoy your blog immensely!
    Don in Okla.

  10. You all look so happy! Wonderful pictures! Janna, thank you ever so much for the information about the password program. I'm still reading about it. At this point it sounds a tad more complicated than I want it to be. Maybe I'll download a trial version. Also, thanks for the info regarding your exercise program. You look so fit and trim and I wondered how you do with all that wonderful cooking you do! Now I know! Walk, walk, walk and stretching. It sure works for you and Emmi!


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