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Friday, January 4, 2013

Warning—Dog Poo Rant

Yep, I’m gonna talk about dog poo.  For some reason there are people in this RV park as there are in many RV parks who don’t think they should have to pick up after their pets.  Then I say after I STEPPED in their dog’s poo this morning IN the dog park don’t have a dog or don’t stay in RV parks.  Stay out—you are giving us responsible pet owners a bad name.  There are many RV parks in Florida which will not accept pets due to this very reason.  What makes you so special that you let your dog do his business and walk away?  I wish I could catch these people in the act of walking away. 

OK, rant over—on to other things or maybe not.  I’ve found a great place to walk Emmi, Live Oak Park out in Ingleside, less than 5 miles from here.  There are several open areas where she can chase the basketball and nice roads on which to walk.  BUT—there is dog poo—AGAIN.

IMG_5753IMG_5754The view of the cranes at the work site from the park.

OK, rant really over.  Gina and I took advantage of our little quiet quilting cave today and sewed the afternoon away.  Gina worked on her placemats and I got started on Jeane’s quilt—I love what I am doing in the outer borders and think she will too.  Jeane mitered the corners on this quilt—the border is a bold stripe and she even matched the stripes in those mitered corners. 


And Caretaker Chronicle Bob, it would be a wonderful world if a woman could go into a store, buy a size six in anything and it be the same size six as the next item she purchased.  Not happening.  I can buy two pair of the same brand jeans, same style, same everything and one pair will not fit.  See, women do have it tough! Smile

We are going to enjoy homemade pizza with Gina and Rollie tonight.


  1. Size six??? You've got to be kidding! :)

  2. I just don't get it, how some people can be so inconsiderate. Good luck at trying to change the world. Wouldn't you sometimes love to pick up after them and just deposit it all at their site?

  3. dog poop!..darn dog owners who don't think they have to pick up after their pets! geesh!
    every coat we own has poop bags in the pockets..never leave home without at least one or two!

  4. I have to agree. Clods who don't consider this behavior offensive should have to have a license to own dogs. Our son has started raising guide dog puppies so I collect the bags the newspaper comes in when it is rainy. Many, many fit in a sandwich bag which he carries in his pocket. Since the puppies have to be out socializing, he has found these bags quite handy.

  5. We do not have a dog but, like you, we berate dogs owners who take no responsibility for their dog feces. Sadly, we seldom - if ever - catch owners ignoring their duties.

  6. butterbean carpenterJanuary 5, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    Howdy Janna & Mike,
    Janna , don't worry about dress sizes anymore, hajibs don't come in sizes!!
    You may still be able to wear your boots, tho!! I too, also, would like to catch the 'ones' walking away; I did in Dallas(my next door neighbor) he'd bring his pet over into my yard and LEAVE IT!! One day I was watching and told him that was not to happen again, he huffed and walked away, I PICKED THE POO UP AND THREW IT ON HIS FRONT PORCH, with him watching!! He began going to the other-side neighbor then, so I told her and her kids set a bag of poo on fire on his porch!! The Dallas Fire Marshall thought I did it and almost arrested me!! Luckily we were not in town that night and had witnesses!!!
    Hope Mike's Arkie bug is GONE FOR GOOD!!

  7. Sometime in the past year, in an RV park here, someone's dogs were supposedly pooping by someone else's RV and the guy was a bit unstable. He shot and killed the couple who owned the dogs and then shot at police officers, if I'm remembering correctly, and he was shot by another person staying in the RV park.

    Your quilting setup looks great!


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