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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What’s For Dinner

Look what we are having for dinner:

IMG_5938There will be other stuff eaten but this is the important part—Gina’s chocolate pie!

Emmi and I got out to the little park in Ingleside early this morning but there were all ready other dog walkers out there.  It was a blustery, humid morning for a walk—I think even Ms. Emmi feels the humidity.  I took the camera today as when we were out there the other day I saw some cardinals.  Today probably due to the wind we saw only ducks and turkey vultures.


I was in the quilting trailer (we are going to have to come up with a classier name for the trailer!) before 10am this morning and stayed after it all day long listening to my book, occasionally pausing to answer a question from Gina or a phone call from Mom.  She came over to do her ironing this afternoon. 

Went over to Mom’s this afternoon late to get some lettuce for Gina’s tacos she is making for dinner and now I have a headache.  I ran smack into the corner of one of her upper cabinet doors with my head—I saw stars it hurt so bad—I’m not doing so well lately, first I try to run over my finger with the longarm and today I try to knock myself out on the cabinet door—maybe I better stay in bed—you think??? 

Life is good—in spite of a sore head!


  1. I might suggest you give up drinkin, but heck that wouldn't be any fun!! Be careful Girl!!:-)

  2. Just think of your "trailer" as the mobile "Quilt Studio". LOL

  3. the pie looks delicious! hope your head feels better, tomorrow!

  4. It seems to be in the Texas air. I have been dropping things for days now. What's up with that?You could call your trailer... Stitch-A- Roo(m) LOL!
    Have a "safe" day.

  5. Head knocking? I've had a few too many of those in and around our 5th wheel. It does hurt! Hope you mend quickly.

    Awesome looking chocolate pie!

    How about 'Tin Quilting Tee Pee'?

  6. Not sure what this post was all about because I never got past the picture of Gina's Chocolate Pie!

  7. I like the name "Quilt Studio". It sounds so sophisticated :-)


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