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Friday, January 11, 2013

Where Do The Hours Go

I get up early, drink my coffee, read blogs, take the dog to the park to walk and play basketball—the next thing I know it is time to get supper ready for Michael.

I did get in several hours of quilting today—yippee! 

The park where I take Emmi is on the other side of the community of Ingleside and has a disc golf course within the park.  When we’ve been out on the weekends there have been lots of young people playing the course.  Weekdays, the park is deserted.  IMG_5802

And I don’t know what’s up with the ugly buzzards hanging around—are they watching me or Emmi??IMG_5803

One of the guys on the same crew as Michael took this panoramic photo with an iPhone—cool photo!


Did a little behind the scene work on filling one of Rollie’s driver positions—we will see how it all works out.  And that’s it for my day—see I told you, I don’t know where the hours go!

Very cold, snowy and nasty in Montana—temperature as I type this is 6 degrees above zero, BRRR!


  1. Great pictures Janna. I guess you don't miss the weather in Montana. I love the panorama photo.

  2. Keep Emmi under cover, the buzzards may think she's lunch!!! Don't you love it when its cold back home, and we're in the warm south? Have a great weekend.

  3. it is barely 6 degrees above 0 in Maricopa. and just about the same weather at home hmmmmm where should I

  4. When younger, working and hunting, that would be a little cool. Now it would be downright cold. Walking around last night at 66 here is Central Florida it was just nice.

  5. That's a real good panorama shot with the iPhone - I'll have to try one of those with mine. Thanks for the tip.


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