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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Motorcycle Riding and Sewing

The motorcycle gang talked Michael into going for a ride in spite of the fact that it was a little cool today. Off they went just after lunch.

I joined several of the other ladies at the clubhouse and sewed in between making lunch and walking the Jazzy dog. I either started this project late or I am really early for July 4--I started a July 4 wall hanging banner today and almost finished it.

Tomorrow we are going into San Antonio and taking Laci out to lunch. We'll do some errands too. Angie volunteered to walk the Jazzy girl if we get back too late.

I would think that most of the time what I write is boring to some, it's just our every day life but to us it's perfect--I sat down this afternoon to have a snack and to read and said, "what a good life."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dodged That Bullet

We woke up to sunshine, cold but no ice, YEA!!!

On Wednesdays a group of ladies meet at the clubhouse to share supplies, tools and ideas for card making and scrap booking. I agreed to take my new Cricut machine up and we had a ball--that is one group of talented women. Judy was making beautiful Valentine cards, Margaret was making birthday cards and I got all my birthday cards for February and March completed.

Michael declined to accompany the motorcycle riders today, too cold and he painted most of the day. In between painting he walked the Jazzy girl. There are squirrels in this park, Jazz sits in the window and just shivers with the desire to get out that window and get those squirrels.

I was going to stay in tonight but Michael called after he went over to the clubhouse to play games, the ladies were one person short for playing Hand and Foot so I did go over. My team was skunked so badly I told them if that was the way they treated people who came to help out, I wouldn't volunteer again--they of course laughed and didn't believe me. I love this group of people, they are the greatest.

Michael calls this painting, From the Past.

Retirement is the greatest!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Change in the Weather

It was so incredibly humid this morning, everything felt wet even inside the RV. There was a fine mist falling when we started out for our walk in shirt sleeves and by the time we got back an hour later, my hair looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. About an hour later, I went outside to start the grill, the wind was blowing and it was 46 degrees!! Talk about a sudden change in the weather. The TV weather people are predicting sleet and freezing rain for tonight and tomorrow morning, we sure hope not!! But just in case, we went out and got some groceries. The last time we were here in January, 2007, San Antonio got one of the worst ice storms ever-Interstate 10 was closed for 4 days across TX, no one went anywhere from this RV park for over 5 days. Our refrigerator died on day one of the ice storm and it took six days to get a new one here because of the ice storm. So--let's hope for no ice!

Costco and Wal-Mart were not very busy today--many people here in the park have remarked on how empty all the stores are these days. There is lots of commercial real estate sitting vacant in San Antonio, store fronts that were built and never occupied. Our government leaders are still planning on spending billions for bailouts, thousands of jobs are lost daily--scary times for sure. What is the answer--who knows but I am fairly sure spending more money is not it.

As I write this I can hear rain on the roof, please no ice!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Humid and Warm

Whoa, was it humid today or what, there was water dripping from everywhere! Michael took Jazz for a walk while I got the laundry going. This park did not install enough washers and dryers for the number of people staying here--but if I get over there early, I can get it done.

After finishing the laundry I headed off to the clubhouse to sew, joining all the other ladies. I made taco salad for lunch and then went back to the clubhouse where I paid the piper for all the times I ate out last week when I had to step on the Weight Watcher scales.

Games in the evening, a laid back, easy day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Saturday I spent the day sewing and Michael spent the day painting. I finished the top for my wall hanging sized One Block Wonder.

The color doesn't show up well in this photo, it is a collage of reds, yellows, browns and blacks.

Saturday evening the park sponsored a concert by a well known guitarist, Keith Kimball--he played the guitar and banjo, it was extremely enjoyable and well attended by those in the park.

Keith Kimball

We took a nice long walk this morning, we skipped our walk yesterday, it was cold and windy. Michael ran out to the store on the motorcycle and got a couple of things I needed for potluck and the newspaper. I spent the rest of the day cooking and walking Jazz. Tonight we had Mexican dinner in the clubhouse, I made a lemonade pie and my friend Ellen's Kringler recipe--both disappeared quickly! We stayed to play games and are now tucked in for the night.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Moving Day, Again

Someone else was has our RV spot reserved and the one we were to go into was ready so we chose today to move, again. At least we are here in this spot until the first of March. We made short work of it and only had one minor mishap--Michael had parked the bicycle under the dining room slide several days ago. I pulled the slides in, stepped outside and about died--the bicycle was caught up against the RV in the slide, I quickly reversed the slide and the bike fell out. It does not appear that I did any damage--rule #1--always check outside before bringing the slides in or out!!!

Michael was in a hurry to be off on a motorcycle ride so we had salads for lunch. I was in a hurry to go to the hairdressers and get this mess fixed. Hair is fixed and it looks much better, much!
I made a quick stop at HEB (the local grocery store) and came home, stuck some frozen meatballs in the oven and took Jazzy for a walk. After the walk, the meatballs and I went up to the clubhouse for happy hour. It was a fun gathering of folks and Marilyn made killer margaritas. Michael got home just about 6pm, while he was out with the other guys on motorcycles someone remarked on his bald rear tire. He told them he had ordered one but the guy had never called him. Charlie said he bet the shop in Kerrville had tires in stock--the shop did and they could mount the tire while the guys waited--thus the late arrival back at the RV park. Pat got a new tire, too!

Isn't this one of the ugliest birds you have ever seen??? They are kind of a nuisance here in the park making messes and squawking at all hours of the day and night. Everyone here in the park calls them Egyptian Geese?? They all have that spot on their chests.

We played games tonight--all in all, it was a great day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The River Walk

Yesterday morning as I was showering and dealing with my hair, I became very angry (sorry again to all my male readers) at the mess that hairdresser made of my hair and the amount she charged me for the mess. So---I called the owner of the salon and she is going to try and repair the mess tomorrow afternoon for free. I feel much better about the whole situation, now, it was driving me to drink!

Several days ago, Judy invited Michael and I to join the two of them along with Billie and Henry for a trip downtown to the River Walk and an arts and craft festival. Michael moaned and groaned and said he did not want to go so I declined the invitation on our part. This morning he asked me what time we were leaving, when I told him I wasn't going if he wasn't he agreed to go. I ran over to Judy and Rick's and told them we were back in the picture, took the fastest shower ever and was ready to go before they were. We got down to the River Walk by about 10am and it was the perfect time to be there. Very few people, still cool, just a beautiful morning. We took a river boat ride, something we had never done before, shopped a little and had lunch. The puzzling thing was--no arts and crafts vendors. After lunch we went to the San Antonio visitor's center and picked up literature--in one of the books it stated the arts and crafts festival was in February! Judy was very apologetic but we all said we had a wonderful time anyway!
A shot of the river walk in the morning sun.

Rick & Judy

Billie & Henry
Beautiful flowers in January!!!

This was one of several flocks of babies we saw.

It was a great day of retirement living!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Medina and a Ride

The plan today was to take a motorcycle ride with Jo & Art, Joyce & Larry. We met at the clubhouse about 12pm and decided to ride to Medina and have lunch. Our choice of restaurant was not the greatest but you win some and you lose some. The ice cream we had at the Utopia General Store helped make up for the crummy lunch. We took a round about way home through Trapley. It was a beautiful day, a little on the cool side.

Laci and her friend were to have come out here for dinner tonight but the Air Force intervened and they had to cancel. Laci does not have a car so she is at the mercy of friends that do have cars. We will try to get into San Antonio soon and take her to dinner.

Michael has gone off to play games at the clubhouse and I am sinking fast--must have been too much fresh air today!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hair Cut and Groceries

This is one of the things I like least about traveling--finding a decent hairdresser to cut and color my hair (sorry guys). My sweet hairdresser, Becky, back in Montana was kind enough to write out explicit instructions for the next person who might color my hair. I went to the same type salon I go to in Montana which uses the same products. My hair is just OK and it cost too much for what I got, wonder what I would look like if I let Michael color it????

We had lunch at Chili's and then proceeded to Hobby Lobby with our two 40% off coupons. Michael bought art/painting supplies and I bought some papers and new blades for my Cricut. Success, the Cricut now works! The lady who sold it to me said she had only used it 3 times, I think she used the blade to cut concrete 3 times! Now I can be excited about the Cricut and all the beautiful cards I can make, I was so disappointed when we brought it home and it wouldn't even cut cardstock paper.

Michael walked Jazz and I went over to see about our friend Ralph who had a heart catherization yesterday. He is doing well but the poor guy, Angie has all these plans for a diet that doesn't include very much good--not even any Jim Beam!

A breezy, cool day in San Antonio.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Training the Goats

A beautiful although windy day in the hill country of Texas. We took a walk this morning and the Jazzy girl pooped out on us, too hot for her!
After the walk I went up to the clubhouse to sew on my quilt. Then a late lunch and back to the clubhouse for a Weight Watcher's meeting. While I probably don't need to join Weight Watchers, I have put on a few pounds since marrying Michael and I would like to get rid of it. He would also like to lose a few pounds so we will try this method. Many relatives and friends have had great success with Weight Watchers and their information and handouts are great.
This RV park is located on a working ranch and these are some neighborhood kids training their goats for the fair. Yesterday when they came through the park the goats weren't being very cooperative, today the goats seem to have the hang of it. I'm going to have to ask the kids why they are making the goats drag these tires, is it to get the goats ready to pull a wagon or to put muscle on them??

Michael has gone off to play games and I stayed in to iron (ugh) and relax a little.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jazz came to bed with us about 4am, I got up and put her back in her own bed and went back to sleep. Michael did not so he got up and joined all the other guys who couldn't sleep for coffee down at the clubhouse. When he got back we had breakfast and then took a nice walk.

Laci (our Air Force granddaughter) was to have come out to the RV park with a friend today for late lunch, early dinner at 4pm. At 2:20 she called and said they were still in Houston. We re-scheduled for Wednesday.

Because I was supposed to be cooking for Laci and friends this afternoon, I missed the motorcycle ride. Michael went with three couples, Larry & Joyce, Karen & Eldon and Pat & Carolyn. They rode over to Castroville and even stopped at a Dairy Queen, sorry I missed that!!

My neighbors Judy and Karen stopped by and we sat in the sun and visited. I walked Jazz then went over to Judy and Rick's for happy hour. Michael came back and I cooked the pork tenderloin on the grill. Salad and butternut squash (for me) completed our dinner, delicious.

A wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Busy, One Lazy

Friday morning we headed into Helotes (a San Antonio suburb) to meet the person from whom I was buying the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter. It is a computerized system for cutting shapes and alphabet for card making or scrapbooking. I have become very interested in making my own cards. Well, the owner of the system didn't read the e-mail correctly and ended up at the wrong Starbucks but we eventually made contact and came home with the Cricut (pronounced crickett).

We stopped at Wal-Mart and Costco and got back out to the park about 4pm. I walked the Jazzy dog and fixed us a quick snack before we headed off to play bingo. I won one of the first games and split the $10 prize with Sandy. Michael won later and got the entire $10 prize! It was fun!

Today has been a lazy day. We walked the Jazz dog and I got the Cricut out of the box. I am very disappointed in the system. Don't know if I am doing something wrong or if that's the way it works but I have joined a Yahoo forum and will post some questions and see what happens. It may be for sale again!!

Michael has gotten all his painting supplies and easel out of the closet and is going to give acrylic painting a try again. He got slightly industrious this afternoon and caulked the shower where it had been leaking.

Lazy days are good!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sewing and Dog Walking

That little dog of ours sure requires a lot of walks but it's good for us and the little dog. I take her out very early as soon as we are up, we both usually take her on a 3-4 mile walk mid-morning and then she gets 2 or 3 walks around the campground--spoiled??

This was the Ladies Sewing Day with Carolyn. Carolyn taught me to quilt two years ago when I was here, she is an awesome quilter and lady. I went up at 10am and started by trying to alter a pair of jeans to fit me better and was successful. Then I started on my One Block Wonder quilt--got it all laid out and some of it sewn together before I had to quit for the day. We do a lot of sewing and a lot of visiting.

I also spent some time on the phone trying to find someone to take away our couch. Success--the Medina Children's Home pickup service is coming tomorrow to take the couch.

Tonight we played dominoes with a great group and the guys soundly beat the girls! Tomorrow we are off to San Antonio for errands.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Austin, New Chairs and Central Market

Whew--the last two days have been busy ones. Yesterday the ladies of the park had a "Ladies Day Out." Thirty-two of us drove over to Bandera and had lunch. I was one of the drivers and had a great gang with me, Donna from Vernon, TX, Joyce and Karen from Cheyenne, WY and Sharon from Massachusetts.

While at lunch with the ladies, my cell phone rang but I didn't answer. It was the furniture lady leaving me a message. Our recliners were in but had been delivered to the Austin store instead of the San Antonio store and because they only did deliveries between the two stores on Tuesday, we would have to wait until next Tuesday for the chairs. We elected instead to drive the 79 miles to Austin and get them. The chairs are installed and look great and sit even better. Jazzy isn't sure about the new furniture arrangement, she used to sit on the back of the cloth love seat and look out the window, now she can't get on the backs of these recliners.

So that was the busy yesterday. Today Corine had invited me to go to Central Market in downtown San Antonio. We left at 9am with Barb and Carol also. Central Market is an awesome grocery store with lots of interesting and different foods including fruits and veggies. I could have spent hours in there but we were getting hungry so headed to a Jason's Deli where I had a muffaletta which I haven't had in years, it was delicious. After lunch we stopped at JoAnn's where I picked up some more card making supplies. Our last stop was Sun Harvest grocery store which was also awesome, even the pricing was great. I got a huge bag of large navel oranges for $1.00! We started home about 2:30pm and should have been back to the RV park in about an hour but instead construction intervened and it was close to 5pm when we got back. Then it was up to the clubhouse for leftover meatloaf sandwiches made from the meatloaf left over from Sunday night's potluck. I'm pooped and came home, Michael stayed to play games.

Life is good.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Move

Remember me saying that the RV park was full and we would have to change sites a few times--well, today was moving day. We only moved down the road 2 sites from 17 into 12 and we like this site better than our last. The view of the lake, trees behind us instead of a motorhome, what more could we want?? And we can be nosy and see the comings and goings at the clubhouse.

I took one of our propane tanks into Pipe Creek to get it filled, our nights this week are to be very cold so we wanted to be prepared.

Michael went on another motorcycle ride with the guys today and had a wonderful time not getting back until about 4pm. Jazz and I took some nice walks today and had some nice resting our eyeball time, too.

Friends, Corrine and Kent were having a happy hour for another friend Carol in honor of Carol's birthday. I wandered over about 5pm and had a great time visiting, eating and wine drinking. Michael had just gotten home, was a little chilled and did not want to sit outside so he stayed home and had some computer time.

This is a photo of Lake Medina, see the RV on the left, last year when all the winter Texans were here, the water was within six inches of that RV. This year, the lake goes down by feet daily.

Another view of the lake looking in the opposite direction, across the lake you can see a boat dock totally out of the water.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meatloaf and Cooler Weather

Early Saturday morning, the wind woke us and the temperatures had dropped. The sun came out but that wind was cold. Today we had no wind but temperatures only about 60 degrees. In the sun it felt great!

I did some household chores yesterday, laundry and ironing. Michael spent a relaxing day reading and working Sudoku puzzles. Jazzy spent the day napping.

We are trying to walk about 4-5 miles every morning and today's walk was great. We both spent some time on the computers and I prepared my Chinese Salad for tonight's potluck. The park is trying some new things this year, several of the men got together and prepared the entree for tonight, meatloaf (it was delicious) mashed potatoes and green beans. Everyone else prepared salads and desserts. The food was outstanding. Afterwards, the same crew that rode motorcycles last week played dominoes, men against the women and the men roundly defeated us!

Tonight we talked to friends and Nat. Laci (our Air Force granddaughter) called today, too.

A great Sunday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Glorious Day

Fog, humidity and warm temperatures greeted us this morning but only the warm temperature hung around for the day. It was beautiful and as I write this there is a huge moon glowing--Jazzy and I could walk without a flashlight.

Our pantry was growing bare and I headed off for the grocery store and Hobby Lobby around 10am. Michael and Jazz went for a long walk and then the motorcycle gang called and off he went.

I picked up some more card making stuff at Hobby Lobby. There is a class here at the RV park every Wednesday on card making and as many of you know from having received a card, I am really into making my own these days. I didn't know so much stuff existed for card making until I was browsing the aisles. Stopped at Wal Mart and the local grocery store HEB before heading back to the park.

Tonight was happy hour night, bring your own drink of choice and snacks to share. It was fun to visit with different folks. We are tucked in for the night, fore going games, the social life here is just too busy sometimes!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Fabulous Day

A cool 37 degrees when we got up but when we got ready to leave on the motorcycles, it was about 60 degrees. Larry & Joyce, Art and Jo joined us for a beautiful, wonderful motorcycle ride today. We headed to a little cafe north of here called Alamo Springs Cafe. I think it might have been the best hamburger I ever ate and I was so glad Michael suggested splitting it (he had eaten there before). That left room for apple strudel with ice cream.

The weather was beautiful and the ride just right, little traffic and beautiful scenery although it is still so incredibly dry here. Not much water in the rivers. On the way home we stopped at the Camp Verde store. The ladies in the group decided we would come back for lunch and shopping when we didn't have the guys with us.

We got home to the resort about 4pm, walked Jazz, relaxed a little and then went to play dominoes at the clubhouse.

I told you not to eat that pie. They all sure seem interested in what Larry weighs!!
I loved the sign over the cash register--"Want fast food? McDonalds is 12 miles to your right."
Larry and Joyce

The motorcycle gang, Jo is at the end of the table, her husband Art is to her right, Joyce, Larry and Michael.

Larry is at the end of the table, Joyce to his left, Art, Jo and Michael.

Sorry that I didn't get photos of Jo and Art on their bike. As you can see, the Alamo Springs Cafe is nothing fancy but it was steadily busy. The owner was our waitress and she makes all the desserts. They serve dinner specials every night, too. I love places like that.
A fabulous day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sewing and A Motorcycle Ride

Michael was up and out again by 6:30am to have coffee with the guys. When you are living in a RV, there is no such thing as the other person being able to sleep while the person leaving is dressing and getting out of the rig so I soon got up, too. At least I got to wait long enough for the furnace to warm us up.

A walk and then I was off to the clubhouse to sew. Michael was doing some computer work until Suzanne in the office sent him out to meet the post mistress since we were one of the guests getting a large box of mail. Our mail lady does not come into the RV park but delivers the mail to a box out on the main highway. We got all our Christmas cards and lots of other good mail.

The aging Hell's Angels took off on a ride finding a good place to eat lunch. It got a little too windy and they were back by 2pm. I sewed most of the afternoon.

We both went down to the clubhouse tonight and played games. A sad phone call came this evening, our friend Beryl died today--she was 93 years old--we shall miss her.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

San Antonio

When we purchased this RV, it was gently used and had decor that didn't fit our taste, blues and browns. We removed the couch and replaced it with a love seat that reclines on each end. Summer before last I tackled the huge project of recovering the valances over all 11 windows with fabric that we both liked. Mom made a curtain for the back window to replace the day/night shade that sagged. Well, the love seat has failed us, it is worn out and giving us both backaches.

So, yesterday we headed into San Antonio and visited furniture stores. We ended up purchasing two La-z-boy leather recliners to fit the space where the love seat sits. The color we wanted had to be brought from the Houston warehouse so we wait. We had lunch and stopped at Costco. San Antonio is a huge city and traffic was atrocious!!

I think it rained most of the night but by 9am, the sun was starting to appear and it turned out to be a gorgeous day. A couple load of laundry and some sewing completed my day. Michael rode his bicycle around the park and did some maintenance work on the RV.

Tonight it was "Grill Your Own" night. The park provides baked potatoes, a huge salad, rolls and ice cream for $3/person. They also provide grills, you bring the meat and cook it yourself. It was fun and we met some new folks. Jazzy and I took an after dinner walk.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Happened to the Weather??

Sunday was windy and a cool 47 degrees. We did manage to get a walk in before hunkering down in the RV for the rest of the day. Michael spent the day reading one of his Christmas presents, Pioneer Memories, the first of two books written in 1960 and recently republished. These books are about the people who settled Sweet Grass county, Montana.

I did some outdoor cooking, I hate to cook bacon in the RV so I used the electric skillet and cooked a bunch of bacon and some chicken. Took me a while to get all the mess cleaned up afterwards.

There is a group of ladies at this resort that are addicted to sewing and quilting, in fact, one of the ladies, Carolyn, taught me most of what I know about quilting when we were here two years ago. I hauled my sewing machine and projects up to the clubhouse in the afternoon so I can get started.

In the evening we played games at the clubhouse with the gang.

Michael has started going up to the clubhouse early, as in 6:30am (ugh) to drink coffee with a group of the guys. In spite of the fact that it is 37 degrees and raining, he is up there this morning. Jazz and I took a very quick walk around the park this morning, it is cold and wet!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Texas

Our granddaughter Laci was very glad to see us yesterday. She and her friend Ashley gave us a tour of Lackland Air Force Base and we took them to late lunch/early dinner afterwards. Before we met the girls, we also ate lunch at our favorite San Antonio restaurant--El Chaparal--it was great to eat there again!

We got back to Lake Medina just in time to walk Jazz and go play bingo. Here in Texas the RV parks can sponsor bingo games but the rules are extensive. No one under the age of 50 can play and prize money can be no more than $10 per person per game I think. Records are kept with everyone signing in to play and also signing a form when they win. It is simple fun and I won the first bingo and put $10 in my pocket.

Here at Lake Medina, the men cook breakfast for the entire RV park every other Saturday--french toast, biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and sausage. The men also do the cleaning up. After breakfast we took a much needed walk. By the time we got back, the sun was out and it was warming up.

I gave Jazz a bath and haircut today--she was not impressed! Laundry and other housekeeping chores took up much of the afternoon. Michael did a little maintenance work on the truck, too.

In the evening we went up to the clubhouse to play games. Michael played dominoes and I played a card game called Hand and Foot.

It was 78 degrees and sunny today, much better than the 2 degrees Montana was having!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jello Travel Plans

Friends Jim and Ellie talk about travel plans set in jello and I guess that's what we had cause we changed our plans today. We just love the people at this RV resort and they welcomed us back so warmly yesterday that we have decided to spend the winter here instead of going to Yuma. The park is very full and we will have to move a couple of times through the winter to various sites but that is OK.

We took a long walk this morning, this area is in a severe drought and you can see it everywhere. There is not a blade of green grass anywhere and the live oak trees are starting to look water deprived. The owner told us this is the 5th driest year ever in history.

The New Year arrived today without us ringing it in as is our usual custom. We enjoyed the party the RV resort owners gave last night, the food was great.

There are deer and Egyptian geese here in the park, some folks feed them and as dry as it is, the poor animals probably need the extra feed.

Lake Medina RV Park from on top of the hill. All the sites are nestled in the live oak trees.

It was a beautiful day to start the New Year. Happy New Year to all our friends and family.