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Sunday, January 6, 2013


The smallest things can trigger memories can’t they.  Today I went to church and sat with our RV park neighbors—Peggy and Larry.  When it was time to partake in communion and the usher approached our pew, Larry stood, stepped back and allowed Peggy to go in front of him.  For some reason this triggered a flood of memories about my Dad. 

Daddy was one of the most polite southern men you will ever run across.  He always opened doors for ladies even when he was so ill he could hardly get the door open.  He walked on the outside of the sidewalk for Mom and for me if we happened to be walking together.  He took his hat or cap off whenever entering a restaurant and could never understand the Montana code—if it’s a restaurant, hats off, if it is a bar, hats can stay on.   Daddy has been gone ten years this Christmas season and it seems like only yesterday.  Memories are a powerful thing.

The church was packed for the 10:30 service and the minister also said the 8am service was the same—she commented, “I have been here at this church since July and you all told me, wait until January. Well your prophecy was right, the winter Texans have arrived and I see what you mean.  We had to have extra chairs in the early service.” 

The office staff here at the park delivered our mail which arrived yesterday and I spent some time going through all the late Christmas cards plus all the other assorted stuff.  Made a big pot of chili but Gina invited us over for pot roast and mashed potatoes—YUM!!  The chili will feed all of us tomorrow night. 

Emmi and I went to the park this morning and walked our two miles plus played basketball.  Michael worked today and will be working for the next 11 days.  I will have plenty of quilting time, won’t I! 

Another Montana photo taken a couple years ago in late August—Blue Lake.Blue Lake3


  1. Your Dad sounds like a real gentleman and I can tell you still miss him.

    Enjoy your chili tomorrow I'm sure it'll be every bit as good as Gina's pot roast.

  2. My daddy was a gentleman too!!! Like you, I miss him and his soft ways.

  3. It was really nice to sit next to someone we knew!! Hope we can make it a habbit!!

  4. butterbean carpenterJanuary 7, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    Howdy Janna, Mike & Emmi,
    Most of the last generation, even Yankees, were TAUGHT to be gentlemen and MANNERLY, but that is a SO NOT PC, nowadays; some say it's because of the women's lib, but I think it because of the ME FIRST ATTITUDE!!! I 'try' to be old-fashioned, gentlemanly, courteous and mannerly, but sometimes people just won't let you; that's why I stay out on the ranch, where the animals have GOOD MANNERS, and I don't have to see the 'low-pants' idiots!!!
    Having a nice park to 'play' in is almost like being HOME!! Give Ms Emmi a loving squeeze for us and we hope you're having a great day!! Say 'Hi!' to Gina & Rollie for us!!!

  5. Nice memory of your father and his values. Times have changed, that's for sure, but there is still a lot of goodness out there.


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