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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Search Goes On

Both of us have looked at Craigslist so much today we are punch drunk!  We’ve talked to a few folks on the phone about RV’s but haven’t found the perfect one yet.  Michael did locate a very nice Allegro Bus in Salt Lake City—about eight hours from here.  We would have to have lots and lots of info and guarantees before driving that far!

The guy came and gave us money for the Explorer which doesn’t run—now does that make sense???  He wanted it for parts so off he went and we are happy!

In between looking for RV’s, I finished my Aunt Margaret’s 193o’s fabric quilt--

Aunt Margs 1930's Aunt Margs 1930's2

And that’s about it for today, had a wind storm blow through earlier this afternoon with thunder and lightening.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rattlesnakes and Quilts

“You have sold your MH. You change RV's like people change their underwear!!”  This is a direct quote from an email sent to us by our dear friends Angie and RJ upon hearing we had sold the motor home.  Well!! 

We started RVing in January of 2003 in a very small 23 foot 5th wheel (we met Angie and RJ while we owned this RV).  We decided RVing was for us and upgraded to a 26 foot 5th wheel with one slide the summer of 2003.  Liked RVing even better and in the summer of 2004 we upgraded to the Holiday Rambler 34 foot, 3 slide 5th wheel.  We kept that RV, selling it in the spring of 2009 and bought the motor home.  

Judy from Travels With Emma wanted to know “how long did it take you to move all your stuff out of the motorhome?”  Well, Judy, remember we are not fulltimers and we didn’t have to put the stuff away, it is in a huge pile downstairs as we plan on replacing the motorhome soon.  And, when we sold the Holiday Rambler 5th wheel, we made a conscious effort to decrease our “stuff.” 

Jim and Ellie our great friends from Justravelin said they can’t wait to see just how big a 5th wheel we are looking at.  Well, Jim and Ellie—on Craigslist we have looked at all sizes from 30 foot to 38 foot—we will see. 

OK, enough RVing stuff, on to the title of tonight’s post.  Rattlesnakes—YIKES—on our walk this morning I thought I heard something in the grass, took another step and was sure I heard something—grabbed Emmi up in my arms—Michael said what’s wrong and I said, “I heard something, right there” and pointed.  Michael tossed a small rock that direction and the “something” moved and Michael said, “$%%^%%^, that’s a big snake!!”  Rattlesnake rattles Evil things, Michael took the pole from one of our irrigating dams and sent him to wherever it is snakes go.

Quilts—I entered my Mexican Star wallhanging in the Sweet Grass County Fair, the first time I have ever entered a quilt in a contest of any sort and I won a blue ribbon first place, Yippee!!  Mexican Star Quilt Mexican Star Blue Riboon SGC Fair 2010 Mexican Star Quilt Detail This quilt won Best of Show and deservedly so!!  The irises in the photo are all fussy cut from the original fabric and appliquéd onto the quilt.  This is called a One Block Wonder quilt, one fabric is used and stacked together then cut creating all the kaleidoscopes across the quilt.

SGC Fair Best of Show SGC Fair Best of Show2

I went into town today and taught a quick little quilting workshop—fabric coasters—at the fair, delivered some more borrowed wedding stuff, had a glass of wine with my dear friend Jeane and came home—life needs to slow down a little!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Long Day

We’ve driven 300+ miles today, delivered the motorhome, looked at another RV and had dinner with Lonn, LoraLee and Laci.  Hugged Laci goodbye, there is a chance she may get more leave just before she deploys to Italy in September but maybe not. 

I drove the convertible today and my dermatologist would not approve of my sunburned arms, got the sunscreen on my face and neck, must have missed the arms! 

We are keeping our options open, haven’t decided what kind of RV we will get next but we most definitely will get another RV. 

I am pooped so a short blog, good night!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homeless Again

Michael got a wild hair yesterday and asked me to list our motor home on Craigslist—it went on yesterday morning and this afternoon we sold it!!!!  Both of us are still in shock.  So, once again we are homeless!

I spent the day quilting and if we hadn’t had someone looking at the motor home I would have finished my Aunt Marg’s 1930’s quilt.  As it was I only have one more row to quilt, YEA!

Tomorrow we are delivering the motorhome to its new owner in Helena, about a 3 hour drive from here.  Then over to Lonn and LoraLee’s for dinner—the ranch owner is providing the lasagna and I will provide the rest.  LoraLee had her ankle surgery today and will spend tonight in the hospital and come home tomorrow.  Laci leaves on Saturday to head back to the base in San Antonio and we are going over tomorrow night to say goodbye. 

Strange weather again, woke to clouds and cool temps—we were completed shrouded in clouds on our morning walk.  Sun later in the day and now thunder, lightening and rain.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Plain Old Tuesday

Not much going on around here in my world today.  I did manage to do laundry, cook lunch and get a quilt belonging to my Aunt Marg loaded on the quilting frame.

Strange weather, cool, cloudy and breezy—a 50% chance of rain but it hasn’t happened yet.  Tried to dry clothes outside on the clothesline today but couldn’t get the clothes dry, so into the dryer they went this afternoon.

Michael has had a huge set back today—he began taking the turbo out of our newer Ford diesel pickup today and stripped a bolt that is located beyond reach.  All the Ford forums he reads state that in many cases if this happens you must take the cab off the truck???!!!!  He is beyond depressed and I can’t blame him but I also can’t help but think he will sleep on it and find a solution. 

I promised no more wedding photos--

Mountains and shadows

Mtns through the grass

Red Berries We have a bush covered in these vivid red berries—anyone know what bush this is?

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Non Day

What happened to today, it is almost 9pm and if anyone asked me what I did today, I’m not sure I could tell them quickly—would have to think about it for a while.  We’ve been to Livingston this evening to look at another “project” car for Michael and thank goodness we came home empty handed!!

A little laundry and clean up work, steaks on the grill for lunch then off to town to deliver leftover wedding stuff to Jill, do some banking business and other errands.  We left Emmi with Nat while we zipped over to Livingston in the sports car.

I promise after tonight, no more wedding photos!

A Little Cowboy A little Montana cowboy, he never went anywhere without that hat, his Mom said he takes it to bed.Katie and Granddad Katie and Granddad sharing a laugh.

Katie and the flower girl Katie and Masie, one of the flower girls. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding

Well, it’s over and I’m feeling kind of sad!  Katie and Michael spent their wedding night in the home we used to own that now belongs to Joe and Tammy.  They were at our house early looking for coffee and diesel (we have bulk fuel tanks and Michael had forgotten to fill his tank and it’s a long way to the gas station from out here).  We followed them back over to Lonn and LoraLee’s to watch the opening of gifts—what a showering of love and friendship those two received!  Gathered up all the remaining paraphernalia we left behind last night and headed home about noon.

LoraLee’s family was a wonderful help with absolutely all the wedding goings on—she comes from a big family—eight children raised on a ranch in northern Montana so there was lots of help to spread around. 

Katie was the most beautiful bride, Katie & Michael about to be married she and her Dad were taken to the wedding site from the house by horse drawn carriage driven by their good friend Bob.  The smile never left Katie’s face yesterday—she had such a good time.  Getting her out of the buggy

Grandpa and Katie Grandpa Grandma and Katie

Katie's family

My wonderful friends Jeane and Jill were the best—they worked like little demons serving food to over 200 guests—I couldn’t have done it without them! 

We are home, Michael is irrigating and I am trying to get up enough ambition to clean all the ice chests we hauled over to the party!  Katie and Michael leave this evening for their Mexican honeymoon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Wedding Fixings

I would have had wedding rehearsal and dinner photos to share if I hadn’t left my camera at Lonn and LoraLee’s tonight, so instead I have photos of the moon rising after we came home tonight taken with another camera:

July moon rise July moon rise2

My wonderful friends Jill and Jeane were at my house by 8am this morning to head over to Lonn and LoraLee’s—fixing the wedding flowers was on the agenda today.  Katie had ordered all these beautiful flowers from Costco of all places and the flowers were delivered to the ranch which is out in the middle of nowhere by FedEx yesterday.  Jill and Jeane worked their magic and by 5pm this afternoon we had corsages, boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets and bridal bouquets—the flowers are stunning and at a fraction of the cost it would have been if ordered from a florist.  I love my friends and I am sure Katie and Michael do, too! 

There is a houseful of people over there, many of LoraLee’s family have come and they are such an incredible help!  Laci, the USAF sister of the bride arrived yesterday.  The wedding is tomorrow afternoon at 5pm and Jill, Jeane and many of LoraLee’s family will be helping me with the food.  Katie is going to be an incredibly beautiful bride!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Preparation

Last night due to our early rising hour yesterday morning, Michael went to bed early—I stayed up and sewed.  Right after I went to bed and laid my head on the pillow bright streaks of lightening lighted up the bedroom and the sharp crack/boom of thunder followed immediately and rumbled for what seemed like forever.  Michael was sound asleep but when the thunder sounded, he sat straight up and was quite agitated—I tried really hard not to laugh, really I did!  We got some nice rain last night and today has been hot.

Due to the rain our walk was shorter this morning, too muddy to walk up in the hayfields.

I spent the entire day cooking—I made a gallon of poppy seed salad dressing, cooked pounds of bacon for baked beans, baked a cream cheese pound cake and bread and cooked onions for the baked beans.  I’ve got all the ingredients for the beans measured out so all we have to do Saturday is dump it with the beans into the roasting pans.  Whew, I need to put my feet up! 

Michael worked on our irrigating ditches most of the morning and then drove Steve’s truck into the garage to work on it—he got the exhaust pipes on today.

This afternoon late I staked my tomato plants, I might get a tomato before the plants freeze come fall!

Baby Robin One of the baby robins from the nest in our spruce tree that I really need to water—come on babies, it is time to leave the nest!

On the rock What is it with schnauzers and rocks??  Jazz too loved to sit and stand on rocks, this particular rock was a favorite of Jazz’s—she used to sit on it and wait for Nat to come into the yard. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strange Weather

Sprinkles of rain and it never reached 70 degrees today.  There is a big black cloud to the west of us right now and the weather man keeps saying we could have severe weather.

We were both awake at 4am this morning and gave up and got up about 5am so I have gotten a lot done today in the quilting room!  Finished my county fair entry wall hanging and will sew the binding on tonight.  After the wedding I will get started on my Aunt Margaret and her friend Marti’s quilts. 

Betty, one of my quilting buddies, came up this afternoon to purchase a yard of fabric for binding her lonestar quilt I quilted for her.  She also found two quilting kits she couldn’t live without. 

Michael puttered with irrigating water and weed spraying most of the day. 

When we moved up to this house we brought some cuttings from the hops plants that grew there.  Michael has trained the plants to climb the deck support posts and the plants are taking over the deck furniture:Hops We may have to learn to make beer, you think??

Stormy July day2 What our day looked like all day. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Truck Load

We got lettuce, we got watermelons, we got grapes, we got beans and more beans—we have enough food to feed a small army!  We got ribbon and more ribbon and most important, I got a haircut!  I think we are ready to start cooking for this wedding.  Our oldest granddaughter Katie is getting married Saturday evening and this Grandma is catering the food—I have lots of help from friends and LoraLee’s family so we can get it done!  Michael was such a good sport today, ferrying me here and there for wedding supplies!

It was a beautiful, beautiful day in Montana, even in Billings it didn’t reach 80 degrees.  On the way out of Big Timber this morning we saw a bear right by the interstate.  What more could you ask for? 

Emmi spent the day with our friend Steve as Jeane had to work.  Jeane said when she got home, Emmi crawled up in her lap and proceeded to tell her how awful it was to be left with a stranger and a man at that!  She was really glad to see us when we arrived!  Our usual babysitter, Nat had a funeral to attend in Billings today, one of his horseshoe pitching buddies. 

It is a nice cool evening, doors are open, cool breeze coming in, glass of wine, life is good!

White flower

Monday, July 19, 2010

It’s Gonna Be A Busy Week!

We had a wonderful time out at Jill and Terry’s last night.  Michelle and Bill joined us for burgers on the grill, buttermilk margaritas, potato salad and fruit salad.  Kerri (Jill and Terry’s daughter) had made homemade raspberry ice cream that was delicious.  A great evening! 

Several years ago Jill and Terry purchased this piece of ground and old brick farm house—they were our neighbors up the East Boulder.  Jill’s grandparents had lived in the brick house at one time.  Terry is a building contractor and specializes in making new look old—they are restoring this old house one weekend at a time—the upstairs is basically finished but the downstairs is in the process.  The lawns and ponds around the house are beautiful and it is only 3 miles from town.

July at Bairds the house July at Bairds Mike & Terry Mike and Terry

July at Bairds Jill, Terry, Mike Terry, Jill and MikeSunset at Bairds Sunset at Jill & Terry’s

Today I got my grocery list in order for the rest of the wedding food—we are heading to Costco in Billings tomorrow.  I have done six loads of laundry, re-canned the rhubarb jam I made yesterday to see if I can get it to jell, changed all the sheets on the beds at Joe and Tammy’s and cleaned that house—we may use it for guests for the wedding.  And, I have quilted some.  Sheesh!!! 

In the midst of doing laundry, my clothesline broke and dumped all the clean clothes into the gravel, GRRRR!!

Michael has been irrigating and puttering in the garage, Emmi has been sleeping.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This and That

We started out our Sunday with a walk that involved weed whacking--Whacking weeds Looks like he is working hard doesn’t it?  Emmi chased around while Dad was whacking weeds--13 months

I decided to make some more rhubarb jam when we got back to the house using a different recipe this time—the jars sealed but the jam is still kind of thin—hope it sets better overnight!Ruhbarb jam

I spent the rest of the day quilting beginning work on my Mexican star wall hanging to enter into the fair which is the last week in July.  Mike worked out in the garage on equipment all day, he has finished haying and even has all the bales out of the pastures.

We are off to Jill and Terry’s this afternoon for a bar-b-que. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Sunsets

When Montana temps warm up so do the thunderclouds in the afternoons making for some awesome sunsets.

  July sunset2

July sunset3

Mom and Chuck left just after lunch and were going to take the scenic route back to Livingston—over Swingley Road, 26 miles of gravel/rock/ruts road which runs past Lonn and LoraLee’s house. Mom and Chuck were going to drop off LoraLee’s dress for the wedding that Mom altered a tiny bit and a wedding present for Katie.  Mom just called and after leaving Lonn and LoraLee’s they saw a bear with two cubs by the creek! 

I mowed our grass and did some flower bed weeding this morning, made lunch and am getting things ready for dinner—Joe, Tammy and the boys are coming up for supper—simple—hamburgers on the grill.  They are heading back to Colorado tomorrow.

Mike has gone into town to return his Dad’s truck and pick up the VW.  I can feel a nap coming on—Emmi is all ready there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Hot Day In Billings

Summer has officially arrived!  It was 102 degrees in Billings today, LoraLee and I picked the hottest day of the year to travel to the big city!  Today was LoraLee’s day to get beautified—a cover up the gray and haircut, it looked great when one of the girls in the salon where I go finished this afternoon.  We started the morning out stopping at Cinnabar Creek for coffee’s then Famous Dave’s for lunch.

While LoraLee was getting all pretty I took off to do some shopping.  Returned a dress I ordered from Coldwater Creek that didn’t fit and found something to wear to Katie’s wedding.  Then it was on to Costco where I swear the whole state of Montana was shopping today.  Getting all that stuff I bought for the wedding food loaded into the truck by myself in that heat was a chore! 

After retrieving LoraLee we made a quick stop by Wal Mart then on home. 

Michael and his Dad went to Helena today to purchase an old player piano.  Nat used to restore player pianos and wants to try his hand again—I am excited, I love player pianos!  They got back to Big Timber about the same time we did.

Mom and Chuck came over from Yellowstone Park today and came up to the house to babysit the Emmi dog.

We all just enjoyed a dinner of steak, potatoes, salad and cantaloupe.  Now it is time to put the feet up!

I took Shirley her quilt when I got home—she loved it!

Lone Star Shirley's Back side quilting

Lone Star Shirley's4 Lone Star Shirley's2

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another One Of Those Perfect Days

We had a wonderful evening last night with our family—Lonn, LoraLee, Katie and Michael.  The excitement is building—the wedding is nine days away.  We enjoyed a delicious meal of steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, Katie’s favorite salad with poppy seed dressing and homemade bread.  For dessert we had homemade chocolate ice cream. 

After dinner and dessert we gave Katie and Michael their wedding present—a quilt I made for them—I think they liked it judging from their expressions:Katie and Michaels quilt2 Didn’t realize the shadows from the deck railing were in all the photos until I went to post them—oh, well.Katie and Michael's lonestar quilt

Katie and Michaels quilt

I spent the entire day quilting and finished Shirley’s (my friend and neighbor) lonestar quilt.  When I take it off the frame in the morning, I will take some photographs.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out.

Michael had a not so great day—flat tire on the skidsteer and the hay baler won’t bale but I have total confidence in his ability to fix the baler even if he doesn’t.  And evidently there is a nation wide shortage of agricultural and industrial tires—only one manufacturer in the US and they are one month behind on orders—so we wait for a tire for the skidsteer. 

Tonight we enjoyed a wonderful evening with Joe, Tammy and their two teenagers, Jeff and Patrick.  Joe grilled some awesome chicken and I provided a salad with lettuce from my garden.  I also made the homemade chocolate ice cream again as I know Jeff and Patrick love homemade ice cream.  Joe’s Mom Helen is also visiting and Nat came with us—he and Helen certainly enjoy each other’s company.  

Just another great Montana summer day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Perfect Day

Sunny skies, cool temperatures and a little breeze—what more could one ask for in the middle of July.  Our morning walk took us up to the head of our irrigation ditch—Michael wanted to adjust the head gate to cause more water to flow down our little creek.  On the way back I caught sight of our house in its grove of aspen trees--View of house towards West Boulder2

I started the day out quilting, Tammy stopped by to visit and after lunch I began to get ready for our party tonight.  Katie (our granddaughter) and her fiancé Michael along with her parents are coming for dinner.  The wedding is approaching fast—only nine days!! 

Veragirl mentioned in a recent blog that she and her husband had lived in Indonesia—I sent a comment asking her to tell us more.  Vera suggested I search her blog which I did—really enjoyed her stories.  I’ve never traveled internationally, only to Canada and Mexico.  When I was a single nurse living in Dallas, TX, the thought of going to Saudi Arabia as a nurse crossed my mind, the pay was outstanding and the opportunity to travel was great.  Several of my colleagues convinced me that travel to Saudi Arabia would not be in my best interest—I was so outspoken I would have ended up in a Saudi jail the first time someone questioned why I, as a woman, was driving or why I wasn’t wearing a head dress and veil.  Michael has no desire to travel internationally—I and a bunch of girl friends are planning a trip in early 2012 to Italy to see Laci, our USAF granddaughter. 

A good day in Montana.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Glorious Summer Day

There is a reason we live in Montana and today was one of those reasons.  Where else in the USA can you wake up to 38 degrees in July and have the high temp be 70 degrees all day?? 

We took a walk today and surprised these two prehistoric looking crittersSandhills The birds chattered and chattered at us.

I quilted for a couple of hours this morning and then made lunch for Nat and Michael.  Nat loves to run the swather and cut hay so Mike called him this morning and asked him to come up and cut our small little hayfield. 

Joe came up and borrowed our internet connection.  When Joe and Tammy bought our ranch and other house they decided not to have any TV, telephone, or internet.  Now, mind you, they had two teenage boys at that time.  And it has worked—the boys love coming here, playing card and board games, fishing and hiking.  More families should try it!  Michael and I don’t have TV but we do have internet and Joe needed to check some work things this morning—he is the marketing director for a major beer company. 

This afternoon I quilted and then about 4pm I made a run into town.  At lunch time Michael had attached our last propane bottle to the gas grill, he needed oil for the chainsaws, we needed a USFS wood cutting permit and it was time to license the Ford dually.  Montana has a new license plate and it is so ugly—I was hoping we wouldn’t be forced to switch but we were, UGH! 

A light supper and we are just sitting here relaxing.  I feel as if I am catching a cold (I was on an airplane) and am hoping it is just allergies. 

Here is a photo of the little quilt I made as a gift to Shirley for their 50th wedding anniversary:Shirleys wallhanging3

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Bear

In all the excitement about the bear this morning I forgot about the bear I saw on the way home last night.  This little guy was in the ditch right by the road as I was coming home from the airport.Bear in July

Spent today catching up—cleaning our house and Joe and Tammy’s house.  Laundry, bathed Emmi and gave her a haircut—Michael thinks I cut her “pants” too short but her hair is so fine it reaches out and grabs pieces of grass and dirt.  She is constantly grubby so I cut her leg fur a little too short or so Michael thinks! 

Michael went over to Boo and Terry’s today and tore down a shed for them.  Terry wants to build a garage/workshop. 

The gang These are my special friends from our Kimberly-Clark days.  From the left: Linda, lives in Arizona but is a native Montanan and was responsible for my getting that great job with KC, Elaine who now lives in Florida, Shirley, the bride, me and Kelly who lives in Kansas City.  Our friendship is a strong, loving one that we make work in spite of the fact we all live so far apart.  It was a great weekend and I loved being a part of Willie and Shirley’s celebration.  Willie and Shirley have four children and a host of fantastic grandchildren—it was a pleasure getting to know them, too.

Saturday Shirley and Willie in the limo Willie and Shirley in the limo on the way to the party—their children arranged to have a limo pick up their parents and the four of us—there was also room for the youngest two grandchildren.  Once the limo driver delivered us to the hall, he took all the teenagers for a ride to Dairy Queen.Saturday Willie and Shirley 50 years!  There were close to 400 people at this celebration, a reception, a grand march which was something totally new to me, a dance and then dinner—what a party! 

Early Morning Visitor

I was just having my coffee thinking about downloading the million photos I have on my camera from the weekend in Texas when Michael yelled, BEAR!!!

He disappeared over the hill so I grabbed the camera and literally ran up the steep hill outside our kitchen windows—I was breathing so hard from the climb my camera was shaking as I tried to take photos.  Here are a couple photos of our early morning visitor:

Bear July visitor Bear July visitor2