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Monday, January 14, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

Yep, another one of those, “this is a a top of the line RV, in great shape, I fixed it up for my daughter, you won’t find a better one.”  This is a direct quote from the guy!  The roof had leaked at one point in time, the ceiling had never been repaired and was sagging, the carpet underneath the leak was disgusting.  The RV was filthy. 

Gina and I drove to Victoria to see this RV and thank goodness there was a wonderful quilt shop to save the day.  Gina is a new quilter and really got into finding just the right fabrics for our projects.  After our quilt shop recuperating we found a Jason’s Deli for lunch. 

Back across the fields and home on this gray and cold day.  I guess it is cold all across the country, the folks in Arizona are complaining as are the folks in Montana.  Of course the temps are just a little different but as Brenda in Arizona said on Facebook—”if I wanted to be cold I could at least be in Canada with my kids and grandbabies!”

Ms. Emmi got to go with us today, she is such a great little traveler.  Sleeps in the passenger’s lap—I’m glad Gina likes dogs—sleeps on my coat while we are shopping or dining.  A very easy keeper! 

It was a great day spent with such a good friend—unfortunately I forgot to take any quilt shop photos, shame on me!!


  1. I dont understand why people misrepresent things they are selling. They dont think we will notice when we come to look at it? I tend to understate the condition of things I sell... then they wont be upset they will be happy!

  2. Well, DRATS! Too bad you didn't "know" us earlier - you could have stopped in for a cup of tea...or come to see behind the scenes with us at the zoo this morning! We know the pain of looking for a CLEAN, new to you least ours doesn't leak and the carpet's in good shape! :) Good luck - next time, give us a call!!!

  3. Good luck, I can't imagine how ticked off you are, every time you are deceived!! Don't give up, you'll find one soon!!! Yeah I agree with Brenda!!!

  4. Temps are running 10 deg above normal here in Centrl Florida. It is real nice, although a little cooler weather wouldn't hurt. 80 is just to warm for winter.

  5. Hey Quilt Shop and Deli...sounds like a successful trip to me!! :o) Stay warm!

  6. A big fine for misrepresentation would curb those blow hard sellers! The RV search continues and you will be successful.

  7. butterbean carpenterJanuary 15, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    The reason ALL of them are worn-out is 'snowbirds' brought them down here and drove their 'toads' back home, then got another one for the next trip!!! Try going to a dealer or Camping World; they at least 'clean'em' up first!! One I know of in Corpus is Ron Hoover!!
    Hope y'all find a nice one for the Arkies!


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