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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quilt Finished Cookies Baked

Jeane’s quilt is finished and looks great.  I will get both her quilts in the mail Monday.  Feels good to get some quilting done.

This morning Emmi and I went to the park and walked two miles—two very warm and humid miles!  We usually have the park to ourselves but today there were several other walkers.  One lady had on a law enforcement vest and was exercising a large German shepherd which was wearing a “Do Not Pet” collar.  Ladies pushing babies in strollers—a regular park.

The guys at work are gonna like me tomorrow:


Have a batch of snickerdoodles still to bake but Gina’s casserole she provided for our dinner is taking up the oven space.  That’s the one thing I miss in this rig—a propane oven.

IMG_5809One focused little dog, she will stare at this ball forever until someone throws it for her.

BT snowThis is what Big Timber looked like yesterday—kind of wintery! 


  1. What kind of cookies are those that you pictured? Will you share your recipe?
    Thanks Anne

  2. nice looking cookies!..aren't you glad you are in Texas and not Montana! Looks a tad chilly at home!

  3. I love the snow pictures of Montana. Very pretty. A cup of coffee with a snicker doodle would be real good looking out the window. :)

  4. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr Montana looks nasty!!! Don't you just love the way dogs stare at something, like they have the power to levitate the object. Awwwwwwwwww just get up and throw that ball one more time!!! Happy Sunday!

  5. I'll take your cookies over Montana any day. Rylie does the exact same thing as Emmi with a ball - brings it, drops it and just stares and stares!

  6. I think the guys will love those cookies!

    I'm sure the break away from Big Thunder, in winter, is a nice break.


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