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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Night On The Town

Last night we drove the back roads and arrived at Rick and Judy's high dollar RV park a little before 9pm. Judy wanted us to see the fountains at the Bellagio so that was our destination. We left Circus Circus and joined the rest of the world, walking about 2 miles to the Bellagio Hotel. The fountains are huge and set to music and lights going off every 15 minutes. We caught one show and then walked into the Bellagio to try our hand at gambling (Mike and I lost a total of $3, big spenders aren't we??) and to pay highway robbery prices for 3 diet cokes and a beer! But, I guess we were in Las Vegas!

Michael and I out in front of the Bellagio.
The fountian/light show.
Why does blogger dashboard refuse to recognize that you rotated a photograph?? I always get my photographs right side up and then when I post the photos they come out wrong side up?? I have some more photos and will try and get them posted tomorrow. Maybe I need to load my new Christmas software, Photoshop??

There were thousands of people there and one of our favorite activities was people watching! Mike and Rick have stiff necks today from craning to look at all the scantily dressed young women. How in the world do they wear those high heels and they had to be cold as few clothes as some of them wore!! And oh so many of those folks were going to have raging headaches this morning!

At the stroke of midnight we were standing in the street near Bellagio and Cesears Palace. The fireworks started to go off and the crowd was very loud. Once the fireworks were over the crowd began to try and disperse--that was when we got a little uncomfortable--it isn't fun to be shoved this way and that and to be packed into a throng of people but the crush seemed to clear in less than a block.

These three guys were having a good time in their colorful tux!

These three country bumpkin gamblers seem to be having a hard time figuring out those machines!

We didn't get home until 2am and crashed, little Emmi is potty training regressing. So when we finally woke this morning we went and had breakfast at the casino next door. I then went across the street to Wal Mart and purchased Miss Emmi a new crate--we are going to nip this in the bud. When we came home last night she was up on the dash behind the curtains probably yapping at everything that went by--can't have that!
Today we drove about 150 miles and are camped just outside Parker, AZ, boondocking for the night. We were just too tired to go the rest of the way to Quartzsite tonight and it was getting late.
Happy New Year!

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