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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Visits to Quartzsite

Yesterday I realized I was out of clean socks and Mike was close--time to do the laundry. I was determined to beat the rush this morning and since I didn't sleep last night, I was up and out the door before 7:30am. Dropped the garbage off at the transfer station (are all people who work at dumps strange:) and walked into the laundromat just before 8am. Managed to snag two heavy load washers but what's with this so early in the morning??-- had to wait for 2 of the regular load washers. That laundromat opens at 5am and closes at 10pm I think--I bet if you were there at 5am there would still be a line waiting for washers! Back out to the rig before 10am and Mike and Emmi were just getting back from their hike.

Around lunchtime we decided to go into Quartzsite again--a different show, this time the craft show opened in the big tent today. Very disappointing--nothing there. The car show is Saturday and Sunday and some of the cool cars are all ready under one end of the big tent. Ice cream then home.

See how bad the wind was last week, even the cows are noted to be upside down if there were actually any cows around.
LoraLee--this one is for you, these little guys were so quiet and just sat in their little wagon looking around. (Oh, and they were really clean and fluffy!)


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