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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Sunny Day

Our sunshine and warmer temperatures came back today. Michael and Emmi took a long walk this morning, a really long walk. I finished my window washing chore, did the dishes and showered while they were gone!

Much of our day today was spent reading--I have the new Pat Conroy book, South of Broad and I just can't put it down. He is one of my favorite authors and hasn't written anything new in a long, long time. Many authors attain best seller status and start writing a book a month it seems and each book gets worse and worse. Pat Conroy takes his time and each book he writes is well worth the wait. Michael is currently reading a book by T. J. Stiles, The First Tycoon, about the life of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

We talked to friends back in Montana today and here in Arizona. Michael left a part of my quilting table at home so he had to build a new part yesterday, today he attached that part and now my machine has its automatic fabric advance back--I just have to press the foot pedal and the quilt advances. I spent some time cleaning in the motor home and then cleaning up the mess Michael made in the trailer.

Didn't even get the camera out today, shame on me! We had a nice campfire tonight and watched the stars come out--just a lazy Sunday!

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  1. I love Pat Conroy's books too. Will look forward to getting the new one. JoAnn


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