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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Trip To Quartzsite

Quartzsite is about 24 miles from where we are parked over the Quinn Pass and down into the valley. We headed over that way today to get the seals Michael needed and spent the rest of the day browsing and eating. There are way more people in Quartzsite this week than last and parking is definitely becoming a problem! Can't wait until the actual RV show starts--should be a zoo!

This is a photograph of one of the BLM LTVA camping spots--looks like a desert parking lot doesn't it. Many of the rigs are organized groups or friends parking together but a lot of the rigs just seem to like to camp right next to someone--guess they miss being in a RV park (shame on me)!
We are looking for either a propane radiant heater or a blue flame heater for the rig. The furnace is our largest power draw and while we haven't had to run the furnace except in the early morning and once in the evening, when you are boondocking, that is an issue. And, we have definitely decided we like boondocking much better!

Also on our wish list is a Cradlepoint router but so far we have found that Quartzsite is much more expensive than the internet! for everything!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch before heading back over the pass to our home in the desert. Emmi went along and was one pooped puppy when we got back to the rig--way too much walking she says.


  1. Janna....go to and order you cradlepoint. We have the PHS300 and it works great. It has a built in battery pack for 8 hours of use without being plgged in. Or you can call them at 1-866-347-8673n. They are really good about answering questions.

    If you are there long enough and can get general delivery at the post office you could have that cradlepoint in a few days.

    Enjoy Quartsite and I look forward to your post from there. Don't let anyone park too close to you.


  2. Janna....I made a is only 2 hours of battery time, not 8. LOL

  3. Looks like Quartzite is gonna be interesting... never been there, so can I live vicariously through you? As for the router, 2 weeks ago I bought the Cradlepoint Travel router (works on both AC or DC and works great with my Mercury USB aircard from AT&T ... got it at Best Buy for $99 Hope that helps you!

  4. Mike and Janna

    curious... who are you using for your aircard?

    I'm on verizon... and was using a cradlepoint router... which worked fine... but when my old air card dumped on me... I changed out to a mifi 2200 at Verizon...

    Guess what? it can hook up 5 devices to the net... It's an air card and effectively a router all in a wireless gizmo the size of a cell phone... can be plugged in or run on its' own battery power... I get speeds well over a 1000 kbps...

    You might want to check it out before you spend your cash! :-) it's worked well for us... 'course, you'd have to be with Verizon...


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