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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Heater

The weather forecasters keep saying cooler temperatures, wind and rain for this area. Well, let it rain--we are ready. Mike got the new blue flame heater installed today and we are trying it out as I type this. For years mine and Michael's thermostat operated at the same temperature then I reached that time in life where I am roasting most of the time. So, I dress cooler and he dresses warmer, compromise!

We stored anything that didn't need to get wet in the trailer and covered the quilt and quilting machine with a plastic tarp in case we have a leak we don't know about! We are ready for this rain--watch it rain two drops and then no more!

We went for a long walk again today, almost too long--we were all pooped when we got back to the rig. This is a photo to show you how high the walls in that wash are--sure hope it doesn't rain enough to fill that wash, we might be stranded high and dry on our hill if it does!
I spent the day working on a quilt and Mike spent the day working on the heater with a trip for parts from Quartzsite thrown in. Emmi spent the day exploring and generally being a puppy pain!
As this was our first real trip out in the motor home, we packed from scratch. When we arrived in Arizona and went about the daily routine we discovered that both of us had left lots of things we needed at home. I looked everywhere for my bread cookbook and for my personal notebook of collected recipes. I was sure I had put it in the motor home but I could not find it anywhere and was getting ready to ask Lonn to ship at least my bread cookbook to me. I have a file carton beneath the dining table and this morning I happened to notice a book in that carton--when I bent to retrieve the book, I noticed my cookbooks wedged behind the files, YEA! Now we can have bread!


  1. Looks like the same blue flame heater we have. Got it installed in Quartzite a couple years ago & it has worked great ever since. Might want to think about putting a small fan nearby directed at the ceiling to circulate the warm air around.

  2. Like the blue-flame heater install! It will be SO much quieter than the danged furnace. We HATE the noise our furnace makes in our Safari, and the heat never gets to the back bedroom good anyhow.

    So when we boondock, we now we use a Mr. Buddy and ran an extra gas line over under the table in that cabinet under the table that holds the leaves. Steve tapped off the line on the other side and ran it through the basement and up in the cabinet. So we already have a gas line in the right area.

    Someday we might put a blue-flame in that same location as you folks did. Our rig has a combo hand rail and big flip down hinged board that goes over the steps if you wish right there. We never use it, so might remove it. Did you remove yours?

    Did Mike buy the optional blower kit for the heater? I know the one my brothers put in the hunting camp has one they can add on if someone brings a 12 volt battery to run it.

    We put a blue flame similar to that in our living area in our house for added heat on very cold days, or so we don't have to run the big furnace as often on nicer days.

    Nice modification... hope you guys weather the upcoming storm well, and are snug as two cozy bugs in your rig!


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