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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Guest For Lunch

We started the sunny day off with a walk--it is still a little cool but warmer than Montana! I've started on an exercise program, yoga type stretching stuff, sit-ups, etc. trying to lose a little weight.

Managed to get the zippers sewn onto the canvas leaders of the quilting machine with Michael's help. He worked on installing our new inverter most of the day and was successful. The old one was probably the original 1988 one and had died--it weighed 75 pounds!!!! The new one which is actually one we had at home in Montana--Lonn and LoraLee mailed it to us in our box of mail--weighs less than 2 pounds!! Technology has come a long way hasn't it??

As I was preparing lunch--burger for Mike, fish for me, grilled potatoes and veggies, salad and fresh asparagus, Dave our neighbor about a mile farther up the road from us stopped by. He had taken his motor home out to dump and get fresh water. He wanted to show me a quilt his Mom had made many years ago. It was such a beautiful quilt, hand pieced and hand quilted--something he will treasure forever. We convinced him to stay for lunch and I just threw another burger on the grill. We enjoyed lunch and our visit. That's the one thing about boondocking--it can be a lonesome existence. I enjoy visiting with new people and hearing about their travels and lives--when you are boondocking those visits are few and far between.
Emmi was wild today, she is wandering too far--she may be staying in the rig more or getting attached to a lead outside if she keeps this up! The coyotes woke us up at midnight last night howling madly, sounding as if they were right outside the window. Emmi never let out a peep in answer!


  1. Emmi better be careful. Those coyotes would love nothing more than to "keep her company" and not in a nice way. I enjoy your pictures very much. Thanks.

  2. Oh scary on the coyotes being so close... keep Emmi closer! Nice story on the guy's visit and his mom's quilt. Ain't that such a cool thing to find middle ground on something to talk about, share a bit of food and just enjoy life?


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