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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Busy Day

We arrived here a week ago today with a full tank of water but we had a value leaking. Michael wanted to empty the tank before he tried to fix it--understandable. Well, the tank emptied itself today as I was washing dishes--thank goodness it wasn't during my shower this morning. Everyone who boondocks has their way of conserving water and rationing usage. We seem to be able to go about a week and we are happy with that. We each take a quick shower daily and we wash dishes once a day. There is a community park with RV hookups in Bouse and the park allows the desert rats such as us to come in dump their waste water and fill up with fresh water for the very reasonable fee of $10.

Michael replaced the value on the water tank, we secured everything and off we went. I took the car and the gas cans to the store while Michael dumped tanks and filled the fresh water. We were going to go to Wal Mart but changed our minds after Mike read the local "White Sheet" and found a flea/swap market tomorrow in Parker.

Today our internet coverage has ranged from very good National Access to very good Broadband so we are not moving. Even when we are on National Access the computer operates fairly well. It was so strange that we had great coverage for almost a week then nothing yesterday--makes one think it was a Verizon problem!

Emmi loves this duck to death, he developed a big hole and I hid it yesterday--poor Emmi spent the day looking for her duck so last night I gave up and got out the sewing machine--she and the duck are very happy to be back together.

We built a campfire this afternoon late and watched the sun change the sky into a painting--the colors were simply spectacular.

We had some people in a newer Class C motor home come and park across the way from us tonight--at least they parked a reasonable distance. We've been surprised that we haven't had more neighbors this time of year.
Life is good--it was a little cooler today and cloudy but not near as cold as the rest of the country.

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