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Friday, January 15, 2010

Wickenburg Quilt Show

After our walk today Michael started trying to figure out why our inverter wouldn't work and the answer is, "cause it's dead." OK, guess we will try and find a new one at this RV show that starts tomorrow in Quartzsite.

Just after lunch we drove over to Wickenburg, AZ for a quilt show and to see friends Caryl and Jerry. We got to know these friends while involved in Cowboy Action Shooting several years ago. They owned a home in Lewistown, MT and a park model in the Escapees park North Ranch at Congress, AZ. Caryl and Jerry have since sold their place in Lewistown, MT and also have their park model for sale as they have bought a 2 acre place in the town of Congress, AZ.

Caryl is an expert quilter and I recently quilted a quilt for her that was entered into this Wickenburg Quilt Show. This is a first for me and I wanted to see the quilt hanging at the show so off we went. The quilts were spectacular and I will post more photos tomorrow--too tired tonight, it was a long drive home on unfamiliar roads. We had a great dinner with Caryl and Jerry and certainly enjoyed our visit.

Jerry and Caryl's new place is beautiful, backs up to BLM mountainous land out in the country.
More tomorrow! Oh, our readers say the bird is a phainopepla. Sorry Ellie, he wasn't a pyrrhuloxia. Who invents these bird names for heaven's sake--can't even begin to pronounce these names!!

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