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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Emmi Gets A New Duck

Michael saw an ad for a Parker swap meet which was today so off we went--we also needed groceries and Parker is the best stop for those. It was a beautiful day and we had the top down, Emmi got to go along.

Parker Swap Meet--we didn't find anything we couldn't live without except a bag of kettle corn!
Guys were sailing these little remote controlled boats on the lake located next to the swap meet. Parker, AZ sits on the Colorado River, a lush oasis in the desert.Emmi doesn't meet many strangers.
We stopped at Wal Mart and I broke my own rule which is never, ever go to Wal Mart on Saturday--it was a zoo. Emmi is saying--"isn't Dad ever coming back?" But I was in Wal Mart way longer than Mike was--we took turns staying with Emmi--too warm to leave her in the car and it makes me a little nervous with a convertible--it would be so easy for someone to slit the top and nab her.

Back across the desert to Bouse where the local bar was hosting an antique car show. Beautiful cars! This was a different kind of car that was giving rides!

Mike and Emmi are checking this one out.

This was one of Mike's favorites.

I liked this one.
It was a great day, out in the sunshine, enjoying this wonderful weather.

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