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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quartzsite RV Show

What were we thinking??? Attending the opening day of the Quartzsite RV show??? It was a zoo, a mob scene, totally out of control! Traffic was ridiculous and we were lucky to find a parking place. The big tent was total chaos--and we may be shot for saying this--filled with a whole lot of junk! Exactly how many food choppers, sun catching crystals, dog grooming tools, lawn chairs or t-shirts does one need?? We were very disappointed! We thought we would find all kinds of new and great things for RVing, NOT!

As we are boondocking we are always looking for ways to reduce power consumption and LED lights seem to be the wave of the future. There were several vendors selling LED lights but none of them have a clue what kind of set up RV's have. There was one vendor we found about a week ago that does have a clue and he wants $40 PER bulb for LED replacement bulbs for fluorescent fixtures. We bought ONE bulb to put over the sink and it is fabulous. But at $40 per bulb it would cost over $500 to replace all the bulbs in this motor home--not happening!

We were also looking for a blue flame heater, didn't find one at the RV show but found one along the side of the road at the RV Pit Stop. So we are ready for all this cooler, rainy weather the weatherman is predicting for this area. That is we are ready after Michael gets the heater installed.

Sorry Fillmore but these poodles were adorable! The guy had these two girls on leashes and when I asked if I could take a photo, he dropped the leash and said, "Grace, photo op." She immediately sat down and posed--it was adorable.
Traffic getting into the RV show today--that should have been our clue!
There is a place along the highway in Quartzsite called The Pit Stop. RV's can come out of the desert, dump their holding tanks and fill up with fresh water. This business will also fill your propane tanks. I sat in the car with Emmi and our new blue flame heater while Michael got hoses and fittings to install the heater. It was fun to watch all the rigs coming in--there was a man directing traffic and taking money and he was the boss! This business must make a killing during this time of year. There are also mobile units that will come to you in the desert and pump out your holding tanks then there are mobile water trucks that will bring you fresh water. Quartzsite is quite the enterprising town!

It was good to get back to the motor home and put our feet up!

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  1. Your post brought a chuckle for me. Been there done that! Quartzsite is indeed a zoo at the RV Show time. I enjoyed your pictures since they brought back memories.


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