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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Four Miles

My dear husband must have thought I really needed some exercise today! His first suggestion was that we take the car as far up our road as we could and walk from there. OK, that sounded good but I didn't realize he was thinking he was a billy goat today. We hiked to the top of one of the peaks you can see from our rig--I didn't make it to the top but almost and when I asked Mike if the extra climb was worth it, he said "no". So, I am glad I didn't go the extra steps! Emmi went right along with us never faltering. It was a four mile round trip and we were pooped upon getting back to the rig.

I put together some lunch then headed into Bouse to mail quilts to my Aunt Margaret back in Arkansas. I think if I ever run into a pleasant USPS employee I am going to jump across the counter and hug them!

Mike spent the afternoon cleaning on the trailer and I spent the afternoon cleaning the longarm and practice quilting. I saw so many beautiful quilts at these recent shows and I want to try some of those techniques.

Lone saguaro, this isn't the peak we hiked to but close!
This is the peak, Mike on his way back down, he hiked to that saguaro to his right.

The sun was hitting this cactus just right making it glow.
We have new neighbors tonight, a rig rolled in and parked about 200 yards from us right in our view--now with this big old open desert was that necessary??
We got great news today, Jim and Ellie are coming to Arizona next week. The plan is to try and find a Yuma Foothills RV lot built for 2 rigs--we are working on finding one. We will probably leave here for Yuma Sunday or Monday.


  1. ARrggghhh how irritating that they would come and park so close! You could start babbling, drooling, dragging one leg and hunching a shoulder? Maybe it would scare them off and they would move away? LOL

  2. Yep, I know what you mean about people rolling in & parking nearby despite acres & acres of room. I got the inspiration for my hat when I saw a picture of Mike's hat a few blogs ago:))


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