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Friday, January 29, 2010

Painting and Parker

Remember when we all had jobs and Friday's were a day of joy--signifying two days off--now Friday is just as great as the next day isn't it?? Mike woke early, Emmi and I stayed in bed. When we all got up and motivated walking was next on the agenda.

Mike decided he wanted to try painting some of the gorgeous scenery around us and brought out his easel and paints. I thought it best to go to Parker and get some groceries--we were almost out of wine and eggs--a serious problem.

When I got back one of our distant neighbor couples had stopped by while out 4-wheeling. We invited them to come back later for a glass of wine--they said yes and they would also stop and ask Dave to join us too. We five spent a very enjoyable evening around the campfire comparing notes on RVing, life and other important issues--that is one of the things I do miss about not being in a RV park is the socialization--but we proved tonight it is possible while camping out in the desert in the middle of nowhere!

I took this photo yesterday, Emmi is making sure Dad is doing everything right while dumping and filling up with water.

Sure would like to know what these guys are all about, this was one of three wagons pulled by mules along the side of the road when we left Bouse yesterday.
We so enjoyed getting to know Andy and Susie tonight and getting to know Dave better. The moon rising was beautiful and sunset was spectacular. Life is good.

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  1. Awww that poor single mule was pulling all those people? Poor thing! Great to find like-minded folks out in the middle of nowhere. How cool is that?

    Karen and Steve


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