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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quilting and A Quilting

Isn't this the sweetest looking puppy?? I love the way she lays with her back legs out behind her, a schnauzer trait.

Our neighbor in the desert, Dave, told Michael about a wash (a dry stream bed) near his motor home that was huge with deep walls--that was our walk destination this morning. It was beautiful, quiet and out of the wind which has been brutal yesterday and today.

These saguaro look as if they were standing guard.

A huge ironwood tree we think--that's one of the reasons we like this area, there are huge trees here unlike some other areas of Arizona.
Those mountains in the background are called Four Peaks
An old dead ironwood tree.

Not sure what kind of bird this is but he sure had a pretty song.
I got a good start on Aunt Marg's Window Boxes quilt today--only had to rip out one block--it is going to be gorgeous when finished. Michael spent the day doing sudoku, fixing my cooktop and our drapes--why in the world would RV manufacturers put electric drapes in a motor home?? Well, ours are electric no more and pull closed by hand!
Windy today, very windy!


  1. Hang on to Emmi...don't let her blow away in all that wind.

  2. If that bird had been bright red I would have guessed it as a Cardinal because of it's tufted head.

  3. I love when the dogs lay like that with their legs stuck out behind them! My guess on your bird is a female pyrrhuloxia. They look almost exactly like a cardinal, only they're not red. The males have just a little red in places.

  4. Your mystery bird is a Phainopepla.

  5. From what I can tell in the picture, it's a Phainopepla.

    Lots of them in and around Douglas.
    (My birthplace)


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