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Monday, January 18, 2010

Refueling The Tanks

At about 4:30am we awoke to the sound of raindrops on the roof and then the wind started. The rain drops were intermittent but the wind stayed. Michael gave up about 5am and got up taking Emmi outside--the wind almost blew her away!

With this forecasted storm approaching we decided today would be the day to empty holding tanks, take on fresh water and get propane just in case the weather forecasters were actually correct and we did get lots of rain. Off to the Bouse community park and then on into Bouse for propane. I filled up the gas container for the smaller generator and then I went on over to Parker to replenish the pantry. As this was a holiday I think the entire south western population of Arizona was in Wal Mart and Safeway! Since the sun wasn't shining everyone decided to go shopping!

When I got home and the groceries were stowed I put together a homemade pizza for late lunch, it was very good. Safeway had fresh strawberries on sale and they are also very good, yum!

This is a shot over toward Quartzsite from our site, gloomy, heavy clouds all day.
This afternoon I tried to quilt but could only stand to be in the trailer for about an hour. The roof of the trailer vibrates with the wind making a horrific noise--hard on the nerves! Michael spent the day reading his new book, Too Big To Fail, the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system and themselves! I am reading Double Take, a memoir by Kevin Michael Connolly, a young man who was born in Helena, MT with no legs. It is an amazing story and includes photographs he has taken of people all over the world and how they react to his handicap.

My sister Ann and her husband Danny left Arkansas today headed to Israel for 10 days. My friend Jeane leaves tomorrow morning for a mission in the Philippines. Our good friends Denny and Ellen are very involved in supporting this mission in the Philippines even to the extent they have a home there. Jeane and other members of the Big Timber community are joining Denny and Ellen for almost 3 weeks. May all these world travelers have safe travels.

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  1. If the rain hits there as it did here on the Central Coast, brace that motorhome or you'll be on the side. The wind is strong and the rain is heavy.

    Much luck to you!


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