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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Hair Is Not Purple

A few days ago I posted this photo and one of our readers made a comment, "oh that poor mule having to pull that wagon with all those people." That is a whole lot of people and wagon for one mule but look closely at the legs of the mule, there are two mules pulling that wagon but this photo makes it really hard to tell doesn't it?

OK, guy readers ignore this part. At home in Montana I pay a lot of money to have my gray hair colored. When I left for the winter I asked my hairdresser to provide me with the name and amounts of the exact product she uses. I ordered the product from eBay (salons won't sell it to you) and today Michael and I bit the bullet and tried it. Oh, my--it looks just as good as when I pay big bucks--I am so very pleased--no more trying to find someone to color my hair while on the road and no more ending up with the wrong color!

Michael spotted this guy while we were hiking this morning and I was able to quickly zoom in on him before he disappeared.

This little girl finally stood still enough for me to snap a photo of her snazzy new haircut.
While Michael took a siesta this afternoon (coloring your wife's hair is hard work) I loaded a quilt onto the frame.
About 5pm we left to head over to Parker to join a friend from Montana for dinner--Dottie has a home in Parker and spends about 7 months of each year there. We met Curt, her gentleman friend and had a very enjoyable dinner.
Our friends Jim and Ellie have decided to come here for a few days, we are so excited! We also heard from Ainslie and Beryl, friends we met while staying in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico a few years ago--they may also join us here in the Quartzsite area.
Another great day in the desert.

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  1. Oh Emmi looks good in her Big Girl haircut! Thanks for explaining on the poor mule, glad that it had help... LOL Getting by with a little help from a friend.

    Karen and Steveio


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