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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quilting On The Road

We took a really long walk this morning and gathered some firewood, talked to one of our distant neighbors, Dave, a single guy who we think is Canadian. A small world story, we met Dave on Sunday when he was leading a huge newer motor home into our BLM area. Dave waved but the people in the motor home really waved, then we realized it was the same people we were camped next to at Sam's Town in Las Vegas--how's that for small world. They were friends with Dave (they are from British Columbia) and were just stopping in to say hello before heading on to Phoenix. I think they plan on coming back for the Quartzsite RV show.

Isn't this the bestest husband?? He got my quilt machine going today, I cleaned the floor in the trailer, pinned a quilt on the frame and got some quilting done! It is just amazing that I will be able to do this on the road--I am a happy girl!
Emmi watching the campfire. We sat outside long after dark tonight enjoying the peaceful evening, the fire, marshmallows, hot chocolate and all the shooting stars. Emmi likes watching the fire too. She has discovered fire pits unfortunately and we spent a lot of time scolding her today for rummaging in the ashes, yuk!!!

Now, this girl must really want to quilt, I don't have very much room but it works, and works well! This is the trailer we hauled the car in behind the motor home. Once the car was out, we have a quilting studio of sorts!

Michael spent the day cleaning on the trailer, puttering with things in the motor home, etc. We like being desert rats!


  1. Now that is a dedicated quilter. I like Dave's hat....where can I get me one like that?? Sorry. we forgot your question about the weatherbug but Kelly just said she'll get on that in the morning. I would but the bug just keeps alluding my short memory:((

  2. You do what we love doing, sitting out by a fire in the desert. We envy you because we have to stay home :-( I wish you many more nice fires. Will you have to move after 2 weeks?

  3. Now just how cool is that??? Taking along your quilting machine!

    Steveio has been thinking the same thing for 2 years now about taking along a floor loom for me--- and threatens to make me ride back there with my loom, and pull an automatic hitch release if I am sassy! LOL

    He said he would find a trailer with flipup sides (like a cotton candy wagon) and add heat and lights for me. And have some cabinets in there to store extra tools too.

    Ya just never know, I am as passionate about my weaving as you are about your quilting.

    Aren't our guys just the greatest? Must come from driving those Safari Motorhomes, they are feeling like Kings of the Jungle, and want to take care of their lionesses??? LOL

  4. You and Mike look like you have made a real home away from home on your BLM land. Enjoy those campfires.

  5. Hey Janna and Mike,
    We took our little road trip to California and arrived just a few hours ago. It was so much better than flying! We did take our time on the road.... thought about you two when we went thru Jackpot, NV.
    I brought some knitting with me and it was a fun thing to do as the miles whizzed by. Cool that you have your quilting in the RV. Fortunately, the weather was clear most of the way. Idaho was very snowy but oh so pretty!
    love, Nancy and Geoff

  6. Wow this is amazing - how lucky to have a travelling quilt machine. Fantastic!

    (Had to comment after finding a blog with a similar name to my own)


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