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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Forgot About The Duck

The title of the previous blog was , "Emmi Gets A New Duck", then I forgot to say anything about the new duck.

I had been thinking of getting Emmi a new duck but out here in the desert places to buy dog toys are few and far between with the exception of Wal Mart. But, Michael said today, "where do you think Mark & Dortha and Jim & Ellie found the original duck when they were in Hungry Horse, Montana???" Probably Wal Mart in the neighboring little town of Columbia Falls. Sure enough, old Wal Mart came through today and Emmi got a new duck so when I can't fix the old one anymore she will have a replacement.

OK, that's that story!


  1. I was just ready to ask: WHAT ABOUT THE DUCK??? when I saw your new post come on. Boy am I glad you read my mind! LOL

  2. Is all that sun getting to your brain and you can't complete a thought? LOL

    Hugs to Emmi and I am glad she got a new duck.

  3. Soooo glad Emmi has a backup duck...:)...I'm glad too that you guys are in warmer weather...We hope to see you soon...Hugs

  4. The duck proves dogs are like little kids who need their blankie. Don't you just love them:)


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