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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Las Vegas

Last night was so quiet camped out there in the desert with no one else around. It was a little cold--we need to investigate alternative sources of heat rather than our furnace if we are going to boondock. The furnace just draws too much power.

We took a walk in the late afternoon and got scared out of our minds--we were walking along the road that leads into this boondocking spot, there are other RV's spaced out from each other in this big wide open desert. I saw a guy step out of one of the RV's and the next thing I know he is yelling for his dog who is on a dead run right at us--it is a pit bull--I stooped over and grabbed Emmi up into my arms, the pit bull reached us and jumped up on me trying to get at Emmi, Michael wrapped both his arms around me with Emmi in between us and the owner of the dog finally made it come back to him. The owner says to me, "thank God you picked up your dog!!!." Good outcome but could have been disastrous!! I was literally shaking when it was all over.

Sunset in the desert

Our boondocking spot.

Whatever possessed us to agree to come to Las Vegas is anybody's guess--friends Rick and Judy live on an 80 acre farm in Kansas with no lights or neighbors. How the four of us ever decided on Las Vegas is a mystery! Rick found out that over 300,000 people will be on the Strip tonight. When looking for RV parks we first were going to stay at Circus-Circus where you can walk to the Strip until we found out they wanted $75 for a RV spot! So, because we knew Sam's Town RV Park had a free shuttle to the Strip we decided to stay there. Rick and Judy couldn't get into Sam's Town when they made their reservation so they are at Circus-Circus. OK, now the problem. There is no shuttle tonight on New Year's Eve because they close the Strip to cars and close all the freeway exits into downtown. So, as of right now our plan is to wait until about 8:30 and then drive the route the VERY nice young man at Circus-Circus gave me into the back gate of the Circus-Circus RV park where Rick and Judy are staying--wish us luck!

Dad's co-pilot. No, she doesn't sit up there when we are going down the road. Emmi is sitting there growling at every car she sees go down that road below us.

Las Vegas as we were driving in this morning.

May the coming New Year bring prosperity and happiness to all our friends and family. May this great nation straighten itself and its leaders out. May this war end and our granddaughter come back to us safely. Happy New Year.

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  1. Been to Vegas a couple times & really enjoyed all the lights at night but don't think I'd go anywhere near there with the motorhome. We flew in & rented a car for a few days. From the airport we headed out into the desert for the whole day even before checking into our hotel....... That was quick thinking to pick up Emmi. Good to have an animal hero among us:))


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