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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quartzsite, Arizona

After a long walk and fussing with the internet coverage or lack thereof, we decided to head into Quartzsite to try and find a few things we needed. Emmi got to stay behind in her crate.

Oh, my gosh, have you ever seen so many people in one spot in your life??? But, the smells coming from all the vendor tents was awesome--as it was past lunch time and my stomach was growling we chose a pork tenderloin sandwich and a burrito to give us energy to shop. The lady also gave us a coupon for fifty cents off ice cream at the neighboring booth.

We found a gate value for our water tank, a piece of iron that in its former life was a table leg and in this life is going to be a piece for my quilting table that Michael forgot back in Montana and a jack for the little sports car. Emmi got a harness out of the trip so maybe next time she can go with us.

All that shopping made me hungry again so I used the ice cream coupon for a great strawberry ice cream cone--the vendor called it a one dip cone but it looked more like three dips to me! After going back to the motor home and getting Emmi (who by the way was beyond glad to see us) we spent the rest of the day driving around looking for boondocking spots where the Verizon cellphone and aircard might work because it has totally stopped working at our present site. That's the reason for no photos tonight, I am typing this as we drive along in the car looking for boondocking sites, it works out here on the interstate but don't think I want to camp here!!

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  1. Verizon & cell phone worked for us about 6 miles south of Q on the highway to Yuma. West side. A road with telephone poles on the right. You will see RV's scattered about in the desert here. Just drive around on the hard packed rocky desert surface & pick a spot. The further from Q you boondock, the less chance of being bugged by big noisy rallies.


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