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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Road Trip

Michael decided we needed to take a road trip today and I was game. He took Emmi for a walk while I showered and got some snacks ready. About 10:30 off we went, destination Lake Havasu.

We first traveled to Quartzsite over the Quinn Pass and finally stopped to read the historical marker. Mr. Quinn was born in 1869 in New Jersey--he had a mine near Quinn Pass, built a house and lived there until old age forced him to move to Bouse. His water cistern still survives.

We tried to go up Highway 95 on the California side of the Colorado River but a few miles outside of Blythe, CA we met up with "Road Closed" signs, the rainstorm of this past week had closed the road. We turned around, went back across the river and drove Arizona Highway 95 up through the Colorado Indian Reservation to Parker, had a quick terrible lunch at McDonalds and then headed on north to Lake Havasu. The Colorado River was blue, blue today and the surrounding hills reminded us of the red rocks of Sedona. Michael hadn't been to Lake Havasu since the early sixties when he was looking for a job and the town wasn't there and neither was the London Bridge. I had never been to Lake Havasu. Can't say we will ever go back--the economy seems to have hit this town hard, too.

London Bridge--what a strange phenomenon in the middle of the desert! In 1968 Robert P. McCulloch of chain saw fame bought the historic London Bridge for the sum of $2.5 million. This bridge was originally built in 1831 but with today's traffic had become outdated and was sinking! McCulloch purchased the bridge, had it taken apart piece by piece, transported to the US and reconstructed after first digging a canal so the bridge would have a purpose and the London Bridge was rededicated in 1971. The town of Lake Havasu was built around the London Bridge in the Arizona desert.
This little guy and two of his buddies were along the side of the road, so cute!
The canal which feeds into Lake Havasu

Colorado River

We ended our day by buying groceries in Parker on the way back. It was a great, sunny day!

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