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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Laundry, Greasing Wheel Bearings

Today was laundry day. I was going to try and get to the laundromat before 9am but the best laid plans of mice and men didn't cooperate! I got there a little after 10am and so did the rest of Quartzsite--it was a zoo! But things seemed to flow, when someone would need a washer one would open up. I sat and visited with some interesting people, one guy had a dog on a leash that he rescued while in Mexico last year. Since that was one of the things that bothered me so much about Mexico, the starving dogs, I thought this guy was wonderful! He said the dog gets really antsy when they cross the border back into Mexico each winter--can you blame the dog??

Got back out to the rig and found Michael greasing the wheel bearings on the trailer--he looked and smelled like a mechanic! Took him most of the afternoon.

This was our first day of wind in the time we have been here and boy did it blow. And it was over 75 degrees this afternoon!

Looking out across the valley from our campsite.

Cloud shadows on the mountains.
Look what I did today in my tiny little motor home kitchen--I baked bread! Another loaf is in the oven and dough for one more loaf in the refrigerator. I think I like the convection oven but would like it more if you didn't have to run the generator. Karen told me about a Coleman oven that is free standing and operates on propane--it's on my wish list.

It was a good day in the desert.


  1. Congratulation on that bread!. It's great to have fresh homemade bread out in the desert.

  2. I will send you some pics via email of the Coleman Instastart Oven... it might make you very happy!~

  3. That bread looks it a yeast loaf?


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